dear all of my friends please comments about the logo

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hil to be honest here I only see things that I would qualify as sideway issues indeed … I rather like like this logo and the concept is not bad indeed, if u ask me. Now the logo and text part do not imbricate this very well and by improving the position of the text with the illustration part u could easily fix just this. At this stage this looks a bit disconnected . Otherwise, pls beware of the contrast. Indeed, u are not violating this basic design principle all the same but the contrast that u are offering does not really make the work u have done outstanding enough all the same. For me the typo could be improved and made a bit better matching with the illustration part, I think. Pls pay attention of the color as well and avoid strange and not really convincing color combinations like with the red and black version, which is not selling at all. Last but not least, this is the bottom line, I would recommend that u pay more attention about the preview of your item. Pls use mockups, and try to make something more popping out and more like to sell what u have created. At the moment this is super basic and flat. I guess u can figure out that the preview file is sort of the interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and possible buyers ion the other one, so that u need to bring something more worked out when it comes to the preview file in order to impress people more

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Thanks a lot for ur helpful advice. I am really trying to match typo and illustration part from ur first advice. Try to match illustration and text part. But until… I am really disappointed.

Bro please tell me a way how to improve the section more.

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hi unfortunately there is no real magic recipe, u have to work a lot, test a lot, identify cool fonts and use them in the context according to the king of illustration that u have created … (for example if u have a very rounded illustration, try to find rather rounded typo too …)


u are welcome if u have enough clues as regard to what to do , pls check the solution box , good work and good luck :slight_smile: