Please some one explain me why this item hard rejected so i can avoid next time

hi i am sorry to say just this but u are , at this point , really miles away from required standards. The thing is that , starting with the presentation, there are really huge issues of readability and not only this, but of aesthetics as well, including, contrast, color combinations, alignment and so on and so forth including, of course, the violated basic design principles that i just mentioned. What u have to identify in the first place is that , once u have take-out the non included elements, like logo, there is close to nothing left in the file that people would have been supposed to download and i guess u can identify just this, people are rather likely to get to know what they pay for, rathe than the other way around. They would not expect to save time out of buying nor making the most of the competences and skills of someone else creating things that they have to way to create by themselves. U really need to push the envelope as far as graphic design goes , not only to bring originality , but as well to insure that there is a potential purchasing base in keeping with the concerned work. I would also highly recommend that u invest some time to create a decent professional looking logo that will take your preview to the next level rather than the other way around. The typo is flat as requires more work, as here this is a main focus and expectations are high about it. Pls introduce more variations, font combos, and touches of originality so that u can ultimately generate not only more interest but also more relief in your design. Also make sure that elements that u use are valued and popping out. There is a global lack of contrast here leading to violate the contrast basic design principle , which leads u into a snowball effect to more trouble hierarchy wise and so on

Thank you very much for replay … i am new on this field so i wanted to know exactly in which area i need to improve and you explained them all thank you so much once again …i will work hard on that what you mentioned and come back to success one day.