I uploaded my first tri-fold brochure design, but why was it rejected?

Ekran görüntüsü 2022-01-19 112818

the typography needs to be made visible

The overall design is totally outdated and looks dull. Has nothing to grab your attention. The inside is the same content copied from one page to another. Also you have issues with typography, hierarchy, spacing and alignments, colors.

hi, as @DesignSomething mentioned and rightfully so in the end, u are violating all basic design principles and a variety of additional troubles actually go pari past with it , impacting negatively the hierarchy, the exposure, the readability and making the item look not efficient and professional enough … as a reminder, people may have been doing with the fact that this item is everything but original but they are definitely u take care of everything perfectly as regard to arranging the elements on the canvas , on making text look readable and sorted between important and secondary info and so on … pls keep in mind that this is a corporate template after all …