Please suggest/advice me to develop my business card design.

Thanking you very much.

Rajib Rahman


I don’t like brown and yellow spots, in the “sharp” style, it seems to me that it is not appropriate to use rounded corners, logos are located in strange places and look out of place, I also don’t like the line at the bottom

Have a nice day!

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this is globally better in terms of harmony than the last time, it looks more coherent too , though u have issues to fix

1- hierarchy
the tagline is bigger than the whole logo lol names and illustrations are not as visible as the tagline, i have never seen this before lol there are some codes to follow sometimes in graphic design all the same LOL

2- coherence and aesthetics
why having sort of a half cloud on op of the preview?! what is it for? this does not look good either by the way …and why having a clear picture in one side and a darkish one in the information side? i do not get it …

3- positioning
the logo is misplaced at this stage when it comes to optimizing the impact of it , have u heard about z-shape reading?basically the 2 best positions for the logo to be placed are either top left corner or bottom right corner for branding reasons …

4- contrast
this is not really well enough about this u either need to turn texts in white rathe than grey or u need to use a bold font …this information is important this is the very reason for creating a business card …

5- margins
it seems to me that the footer text is a bit too close from the lower edge and margin … beware trim line, breathing and safety zone …

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Thank you very much for your great advice