Business Cards

i submitted my first business card files but rejected so please can any body help me how to submit according the quality standard.

Upload a preview here

The general design is pretty nice, but the actual content looks like an afterthought, or even a complete lack of it.

The name of the person should be larger, and don’t use a bunch of lines of random Lorem Ipsum. It should look like a real card with seemingly real information. The spacing of the text is also completely off, with the lorem ipsum being way too close to the edge.

Don’t just flip one side and call it a two sided card, they should be individually designed. Maybe the logo side could all be grey, or the red/yellow gradient with the logo in the center.

The white border is unnecessary, just make it full bleed around the edges.

Use a different mockup, what you have here is very strange and it skews the cards unnaturally. The pattern in the background is also very unfitting.

hi i agree with many things u said buddy but honestly i think that there is also much to do so that this becomes “pretty nice”

hi if u ask me there are so nice things about this card , a true search for originality , a global harmony of style and colors and a true place given to branding , though , ether are also a lot of things that use be fixed, changed, edited or improved indeed

1- globally style
think about it what is the graphic design all about at this stage in this card? a beautiful edge and a logo that is meant to be replaced … so basically close to nothing … i assume that people unless they search for something very simple and very generical in termes of style, they will not be interested in buying this card. U need to push the envelope graphic design wise … at this stage people will opt for redoing rather than buying if they really like as they would not save much time to buy it anyways

2- limited commercial potential
see above point 1 for the more complete explanation

3- dysfunctionality
the card is dysfunctional at this stage, u have no function for the contact, no space for the website or identified as such … no address, nothing but a collection of lore … which basically makes the card look not realistic at all

4- hierarchy
this is linked to what is explained at point 3, at this stage u almost have no hierarchy at all … nothing is popping out, there is only secondary looking information, nothing is valued, including the name … not to mention that once again u forgot the function of the contact …

5- spacing
u have to rework everything in terms of spacing at the moment it looks like u have placed everything randomly …

6- typo
this is very basic, lacking originality, variations and font combinations and as a result of this this is super flat and there is also a negative impact on hierarchy of information , too

7- fake logo
u should pay attention to details and rework the typo in the fake logo , this is too flat right now