Seeking Advice on SaaS-Implemented Apps and CodeCanyon Submission Process

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering how to restrict access for a customer who doesn’t use an extended license.

If we develop an app with SaaS implementation and aim to prevent buyers from monetizing the app without an extended license, is this possible? Is it allowed by Envato rules?

Suppose I want to submit my first item with SaaS implementation to CodeCanyon. Should I upload the item with full access for review and then modify it after approval to restrict buyers with a regular license?

How do you handle this situation?

Thank you

It’s not possible. What you could do is to create an add-on to be sold separately apart from the main item but you will have to state “the part” is with the plugin/add-on support. Although, if you have started to sell the item with the part, removing or asking for additional payment would be considered as violation therefor your item may be removed completely.

If you haven’t uploaded the item, it’s okay.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback.

Is it possible to lock and unlock features, such as a subscription feature for app monetization, using the Envato API? Is this allowed?

Alternatively, should we leave it as is and only limit customer support if the buyer monetizes the app with a regular license?

You can’t do either of those things.

Envato does not sell items using a subscription based model, and you cannot adjust the support policy to your own rules.

@ki-themes is right the only way to do this is and keep within envato’s licenses is to sell it as an extension or add on.

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