License question for items

I purchase I item from code canyon which is named “XXXXXXXX Saas” whose most of the function is to sell it as a saas service with an admin panel for saas.

I purchase it just to find out the functionality of subscriptions is missing inside the code.

Author ask for extended license to have subscription functionality otherwise it is against the license rules.

How someone can sell item named like saas system and after you purchase it as saas system it got against to rules if I try to use it as saas if I don’t buy extended license?

Author shouldn’t be asking “extended license” for the features those should be included. Check the item description page if you need additional add-ons/plugins first. If not, you can request refund or contact Envato to report the item is broken.

I have already get my refund, the problem is other people continue to buy the item, they will use it like Saas but they will realize after a month all their subscribers are not updated.

You can report the item to the Envato support ( link above ) to take the item down. ( if it’s necessary )

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I do this, thanks