Can we rebrand the scripts to make it a SAAS?

I hosted a php script from Envato Market but can we rebrand the script to make it a new brand and make a SAAS?

I hosted Xerochat but it’s the Xerochat theme so can I change it?

No you can’t because each time someone used it/purchased access would require it’s own license and as such envato products are not typically allowed to be used as part of SAAS

No I mean if I buy the Developer License? Also I read that you can make a SAAS with the developer License so how does it work?

What do you mean ‘developer license’ there is only regular and extended, neither of which allow multi use installation.

There are exceptions around when you have permission from the original author and the extended license, at which point you may be able to integrate it within a template sold elsewhere, but there are several considerations around exclusivity and other requirements surrounding this

So let’s say I buy an Extended License and it says that you can charge people for that as a SAAS so how will that work?

It would depend on what the SAAS is/does.

Assuming that it is not ‘on-demand’, and the item is not 100% GPL, then as a minimum, you’d need clear permission from the original author as well as the extended license

Your best option is to check with official support Envato Market Help and Support

Okay submitted a Request but when I am buying the Extended License,how will I charge the user if I don’t have my own branding and I will have to host the script as well?

Extended license allows you to skin and sell the item in a way that monetises the platform e.g. having people subscribe

The issue you have is the volume of people you want using this as typically each circumstance/use etc. requires its own license as ‘multi-use’ licenses do not exist

Oh okay got it.