Selling a project

Hi guys,

I’ve used a script I bought on here (extended license) for one of my projects - a website for which users can pay to use. Now the website is doing pretty well and someone has offered to buy it from me.

Is that allowed under the license terms?

Hi, from where client will buy from you ? Envato market or else ? Becasue if you selling through envato then you need author consent to sell your item over envato. Other wise extended licence means you can use your purchased item in sellable items in that case you can sell I think.


You can transfer it as part of the sale but they will only ever be able to use it under envato limitations

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are you talking about full website sell or customization copy of the script sell? By the way in both case you are allowed to sell (as like a freelancer) but for each sell you have to buy individual license from envato codecanyon.

Thanks guys! Topic can be closed, you’ve answered my question.