extra features for extended license

Can I make extra features for an extended license or regular license?

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No - different licenses refer to how an item is used not actual features or functionality that wound influence it.

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Thanks for the reply,

if the customer will use a regular license for commercial purposes then what we will do?
lots of authors make different features based on license. are they breaking Envato rules?

Commercial use (as long as it remains one license per installation/website) is fine with regular licenses.

There is no 'multi-use license, and Extended only becomes relevant when you plan to monetize access to items

have you got examples of ones doing this?

so that means in regular license users cant make charge for the customers?

No, you can use it for a project to sell to a client that’s fine -

It means you cannot monetize it like a subscription i.e. where you earn multiple times from a single installation.

For that, you need an extended license but it would still mean only installing it on one website, which you could then monetize

if we made this system in codebase like he cants monetize the script (regular license) is it breaking the rules of Envato?

Sorry - don’t understand the question- you want to build somehting in codebase that includes an item from envato and then monetise that?

we are selling the item in codecanyon so if we made the system like regular license users cant charge(monetize or subscription) from their customers. most of the authors are following this method.

They can monetise it if they have extended licenses otherwise

I’d need to see an example of an author or cusotmer doing anything else to be abe to comment properly

That’s definitely not allowed but if in doubt i suggest reaching out to support Envato Authors Help and Support

At least one of those authors is also doing other things that are allowed

okay i will contact with support and i will delete the reference url

You can’t limit the features of your software on for Extended licenses, however you can limit the payment features, if you have any.

For example, if your software has a SaaS model implemented in it, you can restrict access to the payment feature(s) based on the license type.

You should not restrict the actual software’s functionality between the two license types in any way.

Thanks for the clarification,

can we give free addons for license type?

No, as that would not make them “free” anymore. If they would be truly free, then it wouldn’t require you to have an Extended license in the first place.