Can a buyer use my app commercially if they bought an Extended License?

Okay so I have read almost all the articles written about Regular and Extended License but I can’t seem to understand what the Regular and Extended License’s interpretation would be for one of my apps.

Basically I have a product in Codecanyon which is kind of an end product itself. That is, a buyer can buy and without modifying it, he can charge his customers. So what I want to know is:

  1. Can he use it commercially with/without modifying it?
  2. Can he re-distribute it with/without modifying it?

Someone please tell me what he can or cannot do both in Regular and Extended License based on my app as the app is an end product itself.

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Licensing is really confusing, I know.

The basic idea is that clients are not allowed to directly resell the code they buy, in any form. What they are allowed with the Extended License is that they can create services or products which they will sell to their clients and incorporate your plugin into it.

Some examples:

  1. Client creates a new theme which will be sold and adds your plugin to it (preinstalled) → Extended License needed
  2. Client creates a new SaaS service for which subscriptions will be sold and adds your plugin to it (preinstalled) → Extended License needed
  3. Client creates a membership site, where he uses your plugin to grant features to users → Extended License needed

Note that if the site where your plugin is installed is monetized by ads, Extended License is not needed.

You can check details about this, here:

I hope this helps.



Thanks so much for your detailed reply. It is really helpful.

My product is a SaaS itself with only one user/admin login. But the buyer can take it and modify it by changing to multi-user platform. That is the only thing needed to sell subscription. I guess he can do it with both Regular and Extended License right?

Well, how I see things is that you are the ultimate “boss” on what clients are and are not allowed to do with your code, with each license type.

Envato can make these broad rules about licenses, but nobody from Envato’s part will police you or your clients for applying or not applying them (they will get involved only if somebody points out some major license misuses to them, that goes against the broad terms of the licenses). Usually, you will be the only one who might follow what customers are doing with what you sell and in what way they are using stuff that they purchased. :slight_smile:

So, at the end of the day, if you are ok with allowing your customers to do this, than yes, they can do it without problems.

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Bro, thank you so much. Such a big help.

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They can use it on commercial projects. But, no re-distribute permission!

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If they are modifying it and adding subscription then they must have the extended license

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