Sales are way down – and I think I have found out why!

Recently, I have noticed that I have much fewer sales than normal – like only one third of normal (down with 60-70%!), and I have been really puzzled as to why that is.

I think I have found out why:
Envato has put in a filter, that as default does not show items, that are more than 1 year old:

This is really demotivating to authors such as myself, that works hard to keep my items updated and relevant.

I think, that finding some of my best sellers, are how people find my portfolio at all, and also are exposed to some of my newer items.

But lately, this is not the case. Buyers are not presented (as default) to items more than a year old.

This basically means, that as a loyal author, all your hard work, in trying to make an item succeed, are wasted after just one year. The item disappears in category listings, unless the buyers notice the very small filter button, that is enabled as default.

I guess Envato wants newer items to have a chance, which I very much understand and sympathize with. But this practice, does not encourage authors to keep updating their items in their portfolio.

A suggestion could be, to let the filter show “items updated or created in the last year” – in stead of the current “created the last year”.

This way, old and out of date items, would be listed lower than new and updated items.

What do you guys think? Have you noticed this filtering…?

Simon :slight_smile:

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Yes. Sales are very low for month now. My portfolio is old but it is updated and is Gutenberg optimized. This is not fair to us who update it regulary, really I hope for bringing back old search and sales.

hi simon how often do u post new items?

I know where you are going, and I agree. Posting new items improves your sales in a big way.

I have, for a lot of reasons, not been able to post many new items for a while, but am now again able to do so.

How ever, I have kept my portfolio updated and made sure my items are in top shape, and my sales have been very stable for my inactive period.
Only this month have sales been waaaay down. So obviously some big change in Envatos exposure of items has occurred.

It’s interesting but I don’t know what to think… My item " Multipurpose Portfolio Design - A4 - PSD - 36 Pages" - was uploaded in december 2018… it’s almost 1 year old, wasn’t sale much, maybe once a month. Now since maybe 2 weeks started to sale much more and now it’s “trending” item

  • multipurpose-portfolio-design-a4-psd

I tried to find out why suddenly people started buy this item in this small space of time … and I don’t know. :slight_smile:

one thing I know - sharing your works via pinterest is good. :slight_smile:

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Noticed this too and reported it to staff, but apparently this is a limitation for the marketplaces, therefore, no chance of changing in the near future… which will hurt a lot in the coming years :disappointed:

I said this before and I’m keeping my idea. Items older then 1 year wirh 0 sales should be deleted in order to clear the market and make room and exposure for new ones. But this will never happen.

u do not identify this but for all of us , after a while without items, depending on many things, u finally end up with sales decreasing … this is never the same amount of time according to the concerned author but at a time this is 100% that this is happening at a moment …

i would say 2 years … believe me buddy if they did with 2 years they would free a lot of space … specially from some guys with 3K+ portfolios … besides , i think that authors should also try o regulate themselves somehow and get the job done alone … i did for instance … but some guys just think about overflowing the place, period … they do not care about creating quality as they do not bother taking out unsold things even if this is giving a hard time to a whole lot fo guys , since this is the reason for lots of contents to be hard rejected in a more selective way …