Sale Reversal

I just noticed that someone bought an Item from me and it appeared in my sales statistics and invoices right away. Literally a moment later I received the Sale Reversal of this Item. My guess is that the reversal of this sale may have been due to trouble paying for the item, for example. But before that, this deal went into my sale. Does this mean that the buyer could download my item and then the sale was canceled, or is it not possible?

no, it is not. if for any reason customer can’t download then sale will not reverse. customer have to fix the download issue from envato customer support. but customer can request for refund because item not downloaded.

A sales reversal occurs when a purchase is reversed by the payment provider (eg. payment gateway or bank) through either a credit card or Paypal account. Reversals are enforced by the payment provider and actioned in accordance with their policies.

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