Reversal transaction

I get a message like this in the statement (A sale reversal is the result pf a canceled or disputed payment, enforced by the payment gateway or bank. The unique purchase code for this transaction is) and my money on Envato is reduced, is there anything I can do explain?

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Not really - it’s between the buyer and their bank

Unfair though it seems there is unfortunately nothing that can really be done by you or envato.


yes really unfair, if the buyer has downloaded our item and the money is withdrawn :frowning:


is there a way to keep money from being cut?


Not if it is a reversal unfortuantely

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Huhu so sad :frowning:


You can get details about reversal

hi i had one today as well … i do not know for u , mine was on a sale that was not even made this month … hard to understand …

yes this is the very reason why refund should not exist indeed … they are a different issue but indeed, a refund for digital items that turn out to be dowloaded already is just incredible, can u figure out that the other day , there was a guy asking a refund of an item he had purchased on july? well this is true …

My item is also not on sale this month, and I think this is unfair :frowning:

No one can do anything about this issue :frowning::frowning: cause it happen from payment method get way.

this we can identify this, but that there is supposed to be no insurance at any level to cover this, i think this is way stranger and as for having a problem like this an item that were sold a very long time ago , looks weird too … i guess that banks would not allow to cancel anything that happened so very far beforehand and for which people lodged no complain …