Sale Reversal or Theft of Intellectual Property

OMG. We will try to fight it even if it seems that there is no hope!
I will immediately contact the Envato support today. They have to see this review.

Thanks, I wrote them to, just waiting for answer, but I think so they are just send me standart text: “Not our problems, do what you want” and 0 compensation as garant of security


I started a new topic on Forum. Here is the link: Sale Reversal or Theft of Intellectual Property

Please, pay attention on the authors who are not protected from the sale reversals.

We are really tired of wasting our money and selling our projects (a really hard intellectual work) for FREE. We want to feel safe selling our projects and we want to ear really good money.

Please, do not ignore us. We really need help!!!"

That was my message.

Envato, it is not OKAY. Please, pay attention on this really terrible issue…

We will not give up.
I had a big money loose because of these sale reversals. A LOT OF AUTHORS had a big money loose.
We want it to be fixed and we believe that it is POSSIBLE.

Good job, will waiting for answer

Consider a sale reversal, a sale that never happened.

You do not have control over banking institutions, neither does Envato. This is the cost of doing business. It can happen to anyone and anybody and not just over the internet.

Envato can only take action against these type of buyers which they already do, but they cannot force payment. You also have no idea whether the buyer downloaded your item or not.

I had a big money loose because of these sale reversals. A LOT OF AUTHORS had a big money loose.

The goods we sell here are digital. You basically lost nothing.

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What are you talking about?
I loose my time, my money and I loose an opportunity to sell my projects here.
If my goods are digital it means that it is nothing? Funny you :slight_smile:
I know a lot of marketplaces like Envato where I had never got a sale reversal. Envato is one of the biggest marketplace and they can’t solve this problem? Hilarious!!!


There are a lot of technical ways of solving sale reversals issue. One of the biggest marketplace should thing about them.
And also remember, that sale reversal is a theft of my intellectual work. It is not NOTHING.

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Yes, we can`t to know about download, but envato know!
And if someone was downloaded it - envato must pay compensation, because offer is completed. And this is problem of envato, because:

  1. We pay 30%-50% of fee
  2. Envato is garant of our digital rights
  3. Envato loose money too

No no, we loose our digital product. This is not just some kind of product, it is intellectual property. Man, that using illegal this product can make profit. Man, who have not license can make big money and loose nothing.

This is the cost of doing business. It can happen to anyone and anybody and not just over the internet.

6 of 10 payments is not “Sometimes happens”


  1. I got for time, for developming, thinking - nothing
  2. Some man get profit and money without license

And think about “Envato can nothing” looks like a joke, because this is a super big corp with money river.

Community write so many ways, but envato wont to see:

  1. Pay compensation if someone already downloaded
  2. Block not account, block payment CARD or paypal
  3. Make harder registration and auth
  4. Many another ways, they are just wont

Totally agee.

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today’s total sale: 2
today’s sale reversal: 2 :man_facepalming:


Yes, this is so big problem. I don`t know why, but in this summer we get x10 overbrain buyers. This never happen early. I mean 1 reversal per 2 month is ok, but now everybody just think that this is good idea


It is necessary to offer this to the envato team, to the account of blocking cards and paypal, it is more effective than blocking an account, but as for compensation, I think they will not go for it since it is not their fault.

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The same things happens with me too…
On last two days my sales decreased to 38 from 40 also my earnings too. what is this? Customers already received my products and using those. I am seeing some sales reversal invoice on statements! what is going on? This is definitely beyond tolerable.


First time see, No community member involved ! Any possibility to do KYC or Identity Verify for buyer ? May be this one break the REVERSAL ! Just refer this URL Identity Verification Solutions for Every Business | Persona #ProtectAuthors

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You are too old author here ! Can you create one group meeting for all author or who interested to discuss about Reversal ?? At least help us or motivate ! #ProtectAuthors

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While not trying to justify reversals in any way at all - just to offer an alternative perspective and look at the business decisions involved here -

  1. reversals (while wrong) are still only a tiny % of overall sales

  2. adding verification like the suggestion above would put off a % of legit buyers as much as less genuine ones

  3. some reversals are legit

  4. we need to consider the volume of sales that envato generate - the business cost to them (and subsequently to authors) to implement something like this would be astronomical

I don’t know the software example above but presumably it charges on a “per request” or “ per validation” basis which would not only be a huge financial cost but I doubt there are many solutions that could cope at the scale envato would require

  1. the big one - reversals are nothing to do with envsto and between buyer and their payment provider.

Yes, verification might put some people off trying to play the system but ultimately it will not be able to influence anything if a buyer chooses to request a reversal.

Again no one is trying to play down the seriousness of the reversal issue, but there are some significant business considerations around implementing any potential solution, and given that envsto lose out too if there was a business viable solution then it would more than likely already be in use here and on other marketplaces.


This is all as I wrote. Position of Envato is “We have money - not our problems”

  1. reversals (while wrong) are still only a tiny % of overall sales

6 In a row is not 1. Just block their PayPal if you see that all time this man make reversal. That it! Nothing risk, nothing money, just ban credit card. Envato is garant of security but at the same time throws off responsibility.

Why another platforms have no same problems? In Envato impossible that possible in smaller companies

In any case " 1. reversals (while wrong) are still only a tiny % of overall sales", So this is not a problem pay compensations for “very small %” if Envato do nothing

The point is that they are trying to lay down responsibility on us. BUT, we do not trade directly with the buyer, there is an intermediary, he assumes legal obligations for protection and transactions. There is no question of whether envato wants to pay, this is a fact

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Reversals are NOT a tiny % of overall sales. I got 60% of reversals last month. Some authors got 100%. Don’t try to minimise the issue.

Honestly, I don’t care about these business issues or something, it is not my problem. It is Envato’s problem. The fact is that Envato is one of the biggest marketplaces and it will be turned into a big trash bag if authors will not get their profit.

I think that in one year or more all people will know that option that they can “buy” a project for free. So a lot of authors will leave this marketplace.

I am saying that the issue is important :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: We can discuss it forever, but this problem MUST be solved. All of us understand that reversal issue is illegal first of all. And there are a lot of disadvantages for Envato and authors: loosing money, loosing time, theft of authors intellectual property (that is extremely crime as you know), bad Envato reputation and so on.

Envato can solve it. Even if they can’t, we can help them :slight_smile: There are a lot of smart people on this marketplace. They just have to pay an attention on this issue and try to solve it.