Sale Reversal or Theft of Intellectual Property

Hello, I’m a mobile developer. I want to talk about Sale Reversals.
Let’s start with some basic math. During July I sold 21 projects. Each one cost 20$. 21x20, we get 420$. Do you know how many of them I got? Only 70$ !!!
The first reason is the Codecanyon Commission. The second reason is reversal. In July, out of 21 projects there were 8 sale reversals.
First of all, reversal is a real STEALING of an intellectual property product, theft of OUR earned money.
I contacted support, but they said it is OK. It is NOT OK. This activity is illegal. Codecanyon mediates the crime of theft of intellectual property.
I suggested an idea to make a balance on the site, which must be replenished in order to make a purchase. Reversals from the balance cannot be made without an objective reason (poor-quality product, inconsistency with the description, etc.). The second option is to let Codecanyon take over the payment of the reversals. Why charge money from my account? I sold a product and I got paid for it. If someone wanted to return money for my product, then let Codecanyon return it to the “buyer” from his pocket, thus protecting the author, and when their pocket is empty, then maybe they will finally understand how unprofitable reversals are.
I am a freelancer and selling my projects on this site is my earnings. Not only am I left with nothing, but also my projects are in the hands of people who use them illegally. This devalues ​​my work.
If anyone encounters such a problem on a regular basis, let’s fight it together! We are not appreciated as authors, we are not protected.
If you’re ready to fight this, support my review! We must get some action from the Codecanyon. Otherwise, I see no reason to support mine or someone else’s activities on this site. It may be worth switching to other sites for selling projects.
At the moment, we just sponsor people with our projects, without receiving any money for it. I spend a lot of time developing applications, this is hard intellectual work. It cannot be so easy to devalue!
Let’s fight for the authors! Let’s fight for us!


Yes bro, same, I loose in this month 70% money with reversals and Envato do nothing! This platform is legally obliged to protect the rights of consumers and must compensate for the damage, but they do nothing, because the money goes like a river to them! Why them must think about small authors? I hope this will be fixed.

Year ago I get 1 reversale per 2 month. Today I get 4 per WEEK. This is not good! Envato, do something


Let’s fight together make one hashtag or something that all author do attention.

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Totally agree! They have a lot of authors who bring them a lot of money. They MUST protect us so we can feel safe selling our projects.
Let’s make a hashtag #ProtectAuthors

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Hi, every time I publish an item, there’s a theft.
I believe that it is always the same person who does this to me and my co-workers.
If Envato does a cell phone validation, we can more easily find and block this type of customer who just wants to steal our code.
Because just blocking email is very simple.

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Lately, my sales reversals have been constant. Every item I haul has one or two reversals. Lately it has been very weak in sales, and still several reversals. It’s been hard working on the platform lately. It was my main source of income, but lately I have to double up to earn money by other means. If I count all reversals, I’ll probably have over $500 in reversals, because I’m a small author.

As the colleague said above, a registration linked to a telephone number would at least reduce the number of chargebacks. Apparently some people have found a way to get the source code stealing by creating new accounts and chargebacks. It’s making direct and selling our products at a bargain price on clandestine sites.

Please Envato people, help us in any way. An honest buyer wouldn’t mind having a more efficient and reliable record.

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This is an interesting situation. In general, we should not care how they (envato) will do it. It just must to be. But now, nope.

Envato is afraid to pay compensation for this. And this is despite the fact that they have a duty to protect our products from theft.

What we have?

  1. People buy the project
  2. People download the project
  3. People return money
  4. We have no money and no project

In fact, the deal was completed after the download of the project. Therefore, the rest is the concern of the envato. Envato must pay compensation or do something about thefts.

But of course, big corp always will be avoid any word same “Compensation”

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God, please! I wrote this message yesterday and in this day I got 2 sales and 2 reversals. Envato, this is a joke? I will write messages here every day while Envato bosses stopped IGNORING it

We can write messages here every time all of us get a sale reversal :grin: Let 's make Envato do something with it.
It is absolutely not OKAY.
Authors must be protected by you, Envato! Do nor ignore it!

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I will contact the support one more time this week ,and I will attach my message to them and also their REPLY.

I use purchase code verifier for sale reversal or theft

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I have experienced this earlier with my old account, So what’s the solution?

Can you tell us how to do that?

my purchase code verifier is my own library.
core functions call from this library
if purchase code wrong, core functions not works.
i know when sale reversal, purchase code is no longer valid.
I couldn’t find a better method

So there is absolutely no way to copy the whole project while the purchase code is correct? It is not 100% safe.

Anyway, it can’t bring your money back and it doesn’t matter if the buyer uses your project or not after the reversal.

I think we’re losing our money. And the worst part is that it downloads the codes.
I found a solution by using the purchase code validator so that the illegal customer cannot use my codes.

Will write support too

I assume when you speak about Sale Reversals you are not talking about people asking for refunds? There are multiple causes but it all comes down to the funds for that payment being forcibly taken from Envato. So, for example, if a purchase was made with a stolen credit card, it would result in a Sale Reversal once the payment was reversed by the bank and this can take up to 90 days for it to happen.

Yes, this is can be, but not 5 times a row…

Nice, today I get 6th reversal in a row, thanks envato, love it, good job

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That is funny. I got a sale reversal the same day when the purchase was made. I had 10 reversals per July. Who has stolen so much credit cards?
There is one truth that all the buyers know the option that they can buy the project and have it for free by making a sale reversal and they use that option with pleasure.
An honest buyer will not make a reversal if he likes the project, but, unfortunately, there are a lot of dishonest and greedy buyers and Envato must save and protect us from them.

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