What does it means reversal sale?

Although two of my mobile projects have been purchased, it becomes a reversal sale after a certain period of time. I researched the reason for this, stolen card etc. So, can the reversal sale person access the codes of the mobile application? Is it possible to be published on nulled sites?

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They can access it up until the point that the reversal occurs. In my experience, pirates don’t usually reverse the transaction so they can keep accessing future versions. Just food for thought.

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This is a very sad situation, because the application I made was very difficult and took a lot of time, it contained very important codes, it is very sad that users can access it so easily without paying money. :cry:

It’s unfortunate, but it’s something that happens quite often. We receive about 4-5 reversals every week, amounting to approximately $500. It seems like someone has stolen our code and is benefiting from it indefinitely. We’ve chosen to ignore it and would suggest that you do the same, as this kind of situation is difficult to prevent entirely. Instead, let’s stay focused on development. Hopefully, this advice proves helpful. Have a great day!


Yes, this is an issues we also faced in past. We reported to CodeCanyon team. Usually purchaser will have access of your code and can take the money back as well. There is no solution till date so you need to move forward and focus on valid sales.

Since we reported to CodeCanyon , we have not faced it.

Hope it helps!