Sale Reversal or Theft of Intellectual Property

Envato say that this is nothing, BUT look at future, this is will be expansion. Last month I got 1 reversal, today 6, tomorrow 12, that is problem. Yes not now, in close future!


Appreciate your revert ! :v:

Exactly at least genuine people there on platform get a such a good reputations. At least author can help (Why this because this happen with me, Few days ago one of customer purchase extended license and for extended license we serve the full installation. Once everything completed and after few days the sale going to be REVERSAL :hugs: NO HOPE ! NO MONEY ! NO SALE ! NO REVIEW ONLY WASTE OUR REPUTAED TIME)

Just put a strong policy or some restriction, FOOL people can stay away from Envato. Hope this one get solution shortly ! May be you’re one of them to provide solution. :vulcan_salute:

Sales Reversals are a part of running any sort of business online, but Envato is active and diligent in both monitoring and combating reversals to ensure they are minimised.

For all the information around the Sales Reversal process, please see our Help Centre.

As the issue is completely on the side of the payment gateway, please do not open help tickets about sales reversals as is does little but clog up the system and further reduce the capacity of our support team.



What do you think about the fact that reversal is still a stealing of the intellectual property of all authors here? A lot of “buyers” make profit on our projects that they got for FREE. Our projects are probably open source and that is Envato’s fault.

You may do nothing with sale reversal and stealing our money, but try to PROTECT OUR PROJECTS. If our projects are protected and the “buyer” can’t use them after making a reversal, we will be fine and sale reversals will disappear soon, because there will not be a reason to do it.


Hello there,

We also encountered some sales reversals. In my experience,

  1. I suggest you to make your project with license verification system. It needs to interlink with our application. It is one way to protect against fraud sales.

  2. Personally I found that, My reversals are happen from Ukraine and Romania Buyers. I think not buyers, just a buyer.

  3. Envato can only protect our code on their server. If a buyer is purchased our code means, it will be their product. Because buyer pay for it. But, unfortunately fake fraud buyers are bought our product with suspected payment mode. In this case envato will detect that. The user activity is suspected. So, envato immediately lock their account and block their IP from creating new accounts. Practically this only can be possible from envato.

One thing we need to understand. Even biggest tech companies like, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft products also cracked and it’s available online for free on many websites. They also put lots of efforts, time and money on it. But someone easily hack that product and crack it. So, We should try to protect maximum.

Good luck with sales.


You are selling digital items, piracy and fraud are rampant in this field. The best solution is try to use the available tools such as the Envato API to counter such buyers, lock your items when their purchase has become invalid.

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Interesting! But, I have a question.
Do you encrypt or obfuscate your code? Could that be the reason many are asking for a refund (aka sale reversal)?
Writing code in JAVA or ConstructX (v2 or v3) may not be what folks are looking for. Clearly telling folks the encoding format would help?

So do I.

I am a new author at envato selling scripts. I first published less than a week ago. My product was great I can attest but I have had 2 reversals and my script is now out there sold on different platforms without my permission. This is really getting frustrating. Can Envato please protect author rights and avoid these? How can someone test and download your product, wait for a day then reverse and sell the script eleswhere? THIS IS REALLY SAD.

I am a new author at envato selling scripts. I first published less than a week ago. My product was great I can attest but I have had 2 reversals and my script is now out there sold on different platforms without my permission. This is really getting frustrating. Can Envato please protect author rights and avoid these? How can someone test and download your product, wait for a day then reverse and sell the script eleswhere? THIS IS REALLY SAD.

Hello! Well, it’s been a year since I started this discussion here. Welcome to the club. And I can say that nothing changed. Now I always have 50% reversal of 100% of my sales. Envato did nothing to protect their authors and they just don’t care, so do I now. Sometimes I add some bugs to my project so people who make reversal can’t use it.
Also, I am an iOS developer, so first of all I make my applications live. Even if a thief person steal my project, he will be rejected on AppStore due to I already have my live app. So this is kinda protective measure for me. Try to protect your projects somehow.
I wish you to be patient, as there has been no justice here for a long time.

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Thanks for your advice. I will think of better ways to protect my work even if it will be leaving envato.

The irony in these posts is that you’re both actually losing sales because Envato is blocking some of your customers before they can complete their orders, solely in an attempt to protect you (and themselves) from this exact problem.

The truth is, that’s all they can do. There’s nothing else.

If you disagree, then please feel free to be one of the first of hundreds with similar posts who actually provides any sort of constructive feedback or ideas on how to solve the problem. If you can’t do that, then your frustrations have been misplaced.

You can run to other platforms. You’ll still have sale reversals, although they might go by a different and more common name: “chargebacks” and “disputes”.

You can even sell directly on your own website, using a payment processor like Stripe. Guess what? You’ll still have chargebacks and disputes. You might even have to pay a fee of up to $15 for each one of them.

It’s not “welcome to Envato”, it’s “welcome to selling online” in a flawed international financial system where even governments can’t think of a solution to this problem.


If you scroll through the entire discussion, you can see several solutions that have been suggested by people who are concerned about the constant return of money.

For example, the account balance system, the creation of a personal Envato payment system, which allows you to return money only in the case of a low-quality product or other objectively honest number of reasons. You can also complicate the process of creating an account in such a way that if a person makes a return for the reason “just like that and you won’t do anything to me”, then his account will be banned, and when creating a new account, he may have problems, since his data has already been used during creating another account. You can also transfer money directly to PayPal, taking into account the marketplace commission. There you can not make a refund just like that, only when opening a dispute.

So complaining about the flawed world economy is not a very good option. We need to act. Let’s not forget that returning money for no reason is still intellectual property theft and is an important issue. I have now spent ten minutes of my time thinking about the solution to YOUR marketplace problem. See how many options you can come up with in 10 minutes just by thinking, huh?

Okay, I’ll go and see if I got a reversal again and I’m not even a bit offended that I spend a lot of time on development, besides, I also write good and beautifully designed documentation and make a preview picture! And all this for the sake of me being robbed.

Have a nice day everyone, no reversals.

Sorry, but I strongly disagree.

  • Account balance system: The fraudster can simply chargeback the payment used to load their balance. Nothing has been solved.
  • Creation of a personal Envato payment system: All funds will come from a bank at some point, which is where sale reversals occur. Creating a payment system won’t fix that. Nothing has been solved.
  • Complicate the account creation process: This is a potential solution, I’ll give you some credit. Let’s ask customers to upload their Photo ID before they can purchase. We’ll lose 90% of our sales as a result, but we’ll stop the 2% of sale reversals. I don’t like this solution. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Prevent creating new accounts: Already being done. Envato looks for billing and payment details from previously banned customers too. What if they use a stolen credit card?

And here it is. I had a feeling you didn’t fully grasp the problem, and this demonstrates it. What you say here is completely false. Fraudsters can and frequently do submit PayPal payments and then forcefully reverse it with their bank.

Just think about it mate: You use a stolen card to buy something with PayPal. The owner of the card then reports to their bank that their card was stolen, and the bank reverses the payment. You think the victim has to go through PayPal for this? Absolutely not! :sweat_smile: Their bank simply reverses it.

Yes, this means that PayPal suffers from the exact same sale reversal problem that Envato does. If they can’t solve it, then it’s wrong for you to expect a small company like Envato to solve it.

So here we are back at square one, with no solutions.

For the record, this is our marketplace problem, as I am an author just like you and not affiliated with Envato beyond that. I’ve been here since 2012 and recently made it to Elite Author without even an ounce of marketing or advertising for my items.

I’ve also been dealing with ecommerce since 2009, and mate, let me tell you something. I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of experiencing sale reversals while selling on Amazon, PayPal, Envato, Stripe, Square, and even physically in person a few times. It’s just how the system works.

Envato attracts so many customers to your items with so little effort that it’s nuts (compared to other platforms or selling independently). Yes, along with this comes extra attention from fraudsters, but your work will be pirated regardless so why not focus on the highest potential for sales?

Okay, thanks for the constructive discussion! I would still talk with you about such interesting and important things for me, but, unfortunately, I have to work and complete one very urgent project.

By the way, reversals don’t annoy me as much as they did a year ago, so… I just hope that you do something for us, your small and big authors, people who do quite hard intellectual work and try to make unique and new IT projects.

We are pleased to think that you are trying to support us and protect us from the theft of our projects.

Once again, have a nice day and greetings from sunny Bulgaria.

No worries mate, feel free to hit this thread again if you want to discuss more. I would strongly recommend taking some time to research how chargebacks work. It’s crazy complicated. :sweat:


Sorry to again this topic. @IuliyaL your all suggestion is really helpful if its implement but DIGITAL PLATFORM NO ONE STOP !
This is how our recent product sales look like.

I know but no sales and its reversal its hard to understand our development cost and time


Keep safe ! Keep Smile !

Have a nice day :v:

Hello, I got same issue…

Every month minimum 7-10 Sale reversale…

And this sale reversale reason… I don’t Know - all sale Minimum 1 month to 3 month ago…

and i got reversale 2 month… 1 month after…


Just implement Envato API for item license verification to avoid sale reversal. if it is implemented, Envato suspends the purchase key in case of sale reversal, so your product will be saved to be used without proper purchase.

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