Sale reversal from customer that used my project

Hi, I just saw a sale reversal today and after some digging I discovered my project on the customer’s youtube channel. What do we do in such cases?

I’d say the typical procedure should be to open a Help ticket and ask them to verify that the reversal is permanent; then you can proceed with a DMCA takedown.


Thank you for your answer. I have already opened a ticket and I will be waiting for a reply.
The sad part is that the customer is a production company.

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I had the same situation. I’ve sent DMCA. After that customer wrote to me, and ask to remove the claim. I removed the claim after he bought my project again. Machination failed :rotating_light: :raised_hand: :sunglasses: :no_entry: :x:

Hi, have you sent the DCMA in youtube?

Yes :arrow_forward:

Thank you.