Sales reversal, downloading projects for free ??? !!!!!

just appeared on my profile that someone bought my project, then a sale reversal happened, does this mean he downloaded the project for free then did that to get his money back, note that this happened in less than 5 minutes…

what happened guys ?

Could be an older download, they’re not usually processed that quick. Do the invoice numbers match? The reason why they did reversal can vary depending on the situation, but at least their account is locked and all downloads are blocked.

it’s the same im sure of that, i checked the invoice section.
the best part in sale reversal on envato is that they block their account.

Yeah, I also got some sale reversals like this (within 30mins-1hour later after the purchase was done) in the last 2 months.
This is weird, haven’t met this for a few months before.

yes it is weird and not good, not good at all