Sales reversal after 5 minutes

This has been the worse week for me in the 2 years Ive been an author. Had no sales in the last 5 days which has been the longest time for me since i got my first theme approved. To my relief I finally had a sale tonight and then 5 minutes later it was reversed :frowning: really thinking about giving up now and getting a normal 9 to 5 job.

How can it be reversed so quick ? if the person filed a dispute with there credit card company surely it would take longer than 5 minutes wouldn’t it ?

Sorry to hear that. Maybe next week will be better. Good luck.

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The reversal is automated and instant when they dispute with PayPal. However, Envato will do what they can to try and get it back, and to prevent it from happening again. :slight_smile:

Do the invoice numbers match? I.e. is it definitely the same transaction and not one from a while back? Chargebacks are pretty much instant, but it can take a while for Envato to process the reversal on your account. That’s basically because the chargeback is conducted against Envato (who they made the payment to), not you… so they then need to identify the payment, find out which author it was to, and then adjust the sale accordingly.

Maybe they were just on the ball, but it does sound pretty quick for a reversal.

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do not worry it’s sammer times, all will be okey after summer

Is summer notorious for sales reversals?

Yes, in the summer most people are on vacation, and work is somewhat less !

Yea the numbers much but its the first one Ive had ( that I’ve noticed ) so nevermind. Guess I should just up my game instead of moaning. Not going to give up really, come to far lol :slight_smile:

Hi, yesterday I opened a support ticket with same type of issue. I think Now this days some fraud buyers doing this. Envato is doing better to prevent this type of issue.
My issue was: the fraud buyer dispute the amount just after purchased the HTML item. But Envato locked his account. He send me mail to say that give me refund Its not working as it should be otherwise I will give you bad rating. Interesting fact is when I go through the verification URL the account is no more :slight_smile: