Hi All,

Almost 15 reversals have been created in the last 30 days, our files are downloaded and refunds are received immediately within 5 minutes. A serious vulnerability has been discovered in Envato, payments need to be converted into credits.

It’s starting to be a serious loss for Envato and all writers. For those who are experiencing this situation, please spare 10 minutes.

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Without playing down the seriousness of the issue, it’s been discussed before but reversals have nothing to do with envato and they have zero influence or control on them, how they would work, or in what form eg payment or credits these are applied.

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Can you share the countries those the charge-backs are from?

USA, Holland, India, Ukraina and more.

Millions of transactions are made around the world, how do other companies protect payments?

That can be fixed with an option that customer must first load credit/money on his account and after that he can buy items (not directly with Card/PayPal).

Long time ago there was such option to load a money on Envato account first and then to buy items.


This can be control by kyc of customers like holding oto code with selfie , first time only needed and upload govt id card

Genuine user will do this hardly take 1 minute once verified they can purchase any thing or atleast mobile number otp can also be done at present

ignoring just its not in hand of envato and let reversal and fraud get increased better work on permanent solution because many vendors like upwork , freelancer and third party have but reversal can be reduced at some level if properly implemented


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I don’t think anyone sees or can contact the Envato team anywhere anymore, you open a ticket and wait for 1 week. The answer given after 1 week is no/yes and they are not interested in the issue. It’s getting harder and harder to continue as a author, and I’m starting to see that there isn’t much enthusiasm for new things anymore.