RTMP live streaming - help



I am doing RTMP video player for a while but never actually did setup a server.
I am setting a RTMP server for a client that will live stream to his clients. I want the server to be able to stream to flash video players that support this feature.

I am searching for a server software ( preferably free ) that can help me do that.

I have downloaded Wowza server limted version and have done the setup.exe but did not really understand much from it ?? It just installed in program files, I clicked to start it, it started in command prompt, but where can I access it ( from rtmp protocol ) ??? I have a wamp install but there was not reference as to where my server is located…

Does anybody have experience with this and can point me in the right direction ? Thanks!

PS: My client has a regular hosting package. Will he be able to setup rtmp:// protocol with it or he needs special hosting ?


Red 5 is open source



And for testing purposes you can use Flash Media Sevrer for free (limited number of simultaneous connections … five or ten, I think). As far as I know both FMS and Red5 require a dedicated web hosting, which is expensive)


Thanks guys!

@theflyingtinman, I have successfully installed red5 on wamp using this tut - http://paperkingdoms.wordpress.com/2009/06/11/red5wamp/ . Still needed to investigate further in order to make it work… like [ you need to have dist/red5.bat open ] and [ you need to access the server from :5080 ]

Red5 is really cool ( once you have it figured out :impatient: )

So I don’t have any chance to get it working on a shared connection, right ? Would a Virtual Dedicated Server do ? https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/virtual-dedicated-servers.aspx?ci=9013

Also, if I have installed wamp on my computer [ so i access the host through localhost/ ], can someone from external access my server if he enters my IP address instead of localhost [ just want to demo it to my client ] ?

I need to get a webcam haha



To make WAMP accessable externally, you need to choose “make live”, and configure your TCPIP ports. You will also need to configure your router if you have one connected. Port 80 on router needs to point to your server subnet IP address.


@scriptonomy, I can’t for the life find ‘make live’ . is it asked at install ?


there is a “put online” option in the context menu. That makes your server accessible from the internet (not safe).

dSKY said

there is a “put online” option in the context menu. That makes your server accessible from the internet (not safe).

Thanks, found it!


So everything is setup for my client on my local server but I now have to put it online. I have a couple of questions.

So basically I want to make it somehow like a skype video call. The user receives an appointment at a specific hour to talk to the site administrator. At that given hour, the user logs in and goes to a page to go live with the administrator. Both the administartor need to see and hear the client, and the client the administrator. The questions are :

  1. is rtmp even the best sollution for this ? or is this possible with rtmp ?

  2. I know how to connect to stream from localhost and then connect to the stream like so


ns.publish("stream", "live");



is it as simple when you stream from a online server ?

  1. I acknowledged that I need a dedicated server to stream, but when I browse hosts I can’t find much info on this. Would this Economy pack do ? http://www.godaddy.com/hosting/virtual-dedicated-servers.aspx?ci=9013 I really like goDaddy so it would be cool if I would stick to them … Is it hard to install Red5 on a GoDaddy server ?

or should I go with something like this - http://www.videowhisper.com/?p=RTMP+Hosting ?



HI all
using Flex 3 RED5 for LIVE STREAMING just use this code

public function initApp():void
nc = new NetConnection();
nc.objectEncoding = flash.net.ObjectEncoding.AMF0;


you should check if your stream exists anyway


        <mx:VideoDisplay id="videoFMS" source="rtmp://" live="true"  autoBandWidthDetection="false" width="180" height="120"/>

I spent A whole week looking for this answer. I hope you don’t



I used wowza it’s awesome. Fms isn’t so.


Hi guys,

Thanks for your answers. I have successfully implemented RED5 for this project and got a RED5 hosting but the client is not happy because of a lag that goes with this implementation + a echo . I have told him to wear headphones but he wants it to be perfect and he is right ( on skype there is no echo )

We are trying to find other services that could implement a Skype - like video chat on a web page. We have found oovoo and it’s pretty cool, but it turned out to do not work on Mac :frowning: Any similar services you know ?