html5 player and playlist

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for either a code or complete plugin for a Media player with Playlist for MP4 videos, for the purpose of embedding into a PHP or HTML page.

The aim for this application is to offer incident video replay to customers with connected in-vehicle dashcam systems.

The Video files are stored in the server where the CMS application is stored and can be accessed by;

  • :\Hard drive/folder1/folder2/VehicleID for local hosting in the server using IIS, or
  • ID for hosting on our Web server.

Subsequent to the Vehicle ID folder date folders which each date folder has mp4 files that we want played in the attached or accompanying media player, along with the option of a “download” button to download the video file, or allowing a right-click download method.

The following requests are optional, but highly advantageous if it can be integrated;

  • If thumbnails can be added, that can be highly beneficial in order for the end user to select by image as opposed to dates.

  • An example of a video file group per 1 incident looks like this;
    there can be up to 8 cameras, depending on the vehicle configuration, which you would see 8 video files. If all video files can be played simultaneously, then that can be a significant benefit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,