Videohive Authors - I need 10 seconds of your time!

I am working on an item to fight piracy.

However it will require people to create a database using phpmyAdmin and upload a file with their API to their webhost to fully use the item.

Was curious, how many of you have these skills?

Am I asking too much from Videohive authors? Does anyone know how to do this and I am under estimating the authors?

Please help me out. Thank you.


Can you elaborate more ?
I know that software SQL and want to learn it but I dont have time for it
Does Excel Work?

ty for the input. nope excel doesn’t work.

the item we are building will validate purchase codes using the Envato API.

however to do that you need to host your API Key and a database somewhere (not locally on your PC).

This involves videhive creators to make a database and upload a php file to a secure webhost.

It’s not that complicated, however, we wanted to know how many people are familiar with such things already?

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I guess I would be a bit overwhelmed by this request, but if it is a rather easy task as you say can’t you make a step by step tutorial basically explaining every newbie how to do this and with which software etc?

That’s right make a tutorial
How, When and Where

@Creattive yeah a tutorial was on my mind as well. I mean we create courses as the other side of our business :slight_smile: so it’s not that complicated.

however even with a tutorial we wanted to know how “familiar” people are with databases and ftp and stuff like that :slight_smile:

thank you so much for the input.

It is always best to assume the least amount of knowledge of the user, to make sure that everyone is able to follow.

If we have 20 authors here saying that they can do this it doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to.

I do for sure enjoy a tutorial that takes me by the hand and leads me through the whole process and if I already know some steps I feel smart :sunglasses:


Yes, tutorial for kids is needed. Better tutorial - less support request in future.

But actually, I think it’s better for you to create a monthly paid service on your own site. The price maybe less, than if author pay for hosting. And you definitely will earn more from subscription model, than from single payed license.

well there’s a small problem when it comes to tutorial. it can’t be “universal”

everyone will have their own web hosting so it can’t be that specific. some will have cpanel, some will not.

that’s my main concern…

quick update.

made significant progress with the item…however I have to make a choice in terms of direction and am curious to hear your thoughts.

OPTION A: Give people a tutorial on how to create their own database.
OPTION B: Offer this as a service and create/manage the database side of things.

The problem with option B is I don’t know if this is even allowed. Will reach out to Envato I guess.

ALSO… to some degree I would be exposing myself to more risk and responsibility (I have to secure those databases and have everything up all the time)…and not sure how financially viable that would be.

For example, would you guys pay $5/month per product to have it work with an activation key only and have metrics on how many times it was used and automatically block purchase codes if they are used more than the licenses approve.

PS: Will share beta access to anyone interested. (My way of saying thank you for those helping out with this open brainstorming) :slight_smile: