Just got the worst support answer ever lol

I can’t login into their ftp server. so I wrote to support.
Their answer: no other people had problem to login, so it can’t be I could not login.

How helpful is that. I send them all information how I setup my ftp client together with my support request.
No comment on that. I use the key as provided on the page.

The problem is on your side - that’s a fact

good to have people here who know whata going on without knowing the facts. you are american?

sometimes you have to activate/deactivate “passive mode” in your FTP-Client


you’re right - I’ve had some contacts to FTP-Server owners who didn’t know something about their server-settings and they thought “that’s the credentials and others are able to login” without taking a look into their logs to find out the reason?!!?

best wishes

““you are american?””

What does that have to do with anything?

Nope… Is this so important ?
I just tried to connect to FTP, and everything works fine