FTP Authentification Problems

I’m currently unable to connect to the ftp server to upload my files…
The server returns a “530 Login authentication failed”. Even tried to generate a new API-key, doesnt work either.

Does any1 experience the same issue ? On the status page it says that FTP is oporational… well, not for me

I can access like usual. Maybe try a different FTP Software or completely reenter your login details?

I’ve reentered the login data for like 10 times… It’s simply not letting me connect.
The software should be fine, too. I’ve tested the FTP login with my other envato account and it works…

No idea why I’m unable to connect with this account… I’ve contacted the help center now. It’s really frustrating since the web interface keeps getting errors, too, when uploading large files. => I can’t get the item up :frowning:

Hi everyone.
Try this:

  • change your username with new one
  • delete old API Key
  • generate the new API Key
  • open FileZilla and put the new username and the new API Key
    I figured out what to do with this problem and for me it’s work…

Good luck!