Desperate with FTP upload. please help


I am experiencing loading issues through filezilla.

The data seems to be correct, however I always get the same error: 530 Login authentication failed.
Please can someone help me to solve this problem?
I have followed the steps suggested by envato and I cannot see what is wrong.
Thank you

I have had problems with Filezilla since the latest update, try, if you are on Windows 10, WinSCP.

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Thank you very much for her input.
I have installed WinSCP and after importing the Filezilla data I get this message when establishing a connection:

Disconnect from server
Connection failed.
Sorry, plain text sessions and weak ciphers are not supported on this server.
Reconnect using TLS security mechanisms.

Any ideas?
Thanks again

Hello again.
The fact is that I have configured the connection correctly. I have checked TLS / SSL
and when connecting to the server it denies me access. I have tried another password but nothing works.