I cannot LOG IN...

Hello to all,

I cannot log in with my secound account “lipowski” :frowning:
There is message “Verify it’s you”, but I didnt get any email, it is just me?

Thanks for reply,


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Its happened for me once and just i waited for couple of hours and finally i got verify email.
Envato should fix this issue.


Hey Milan!

Hmm, that’s odd. I’ve just checked our system and can see 3 emails containing your location verification pin have been delivered successfully.

They’re sent from do-not-reply@envato.com and have the subject line: “Unusual sign in attempt prevented” . Would you be able to ensure the do-not-reply address is on your contacts / approved list, and check the spam / junk folder to see if they possibly landed there?



Hello Christian,

arrived just last one. Now is everything ok :wink:
I guess this topic can be removed :smiley:


Hooray! Glad to hear you’re back in :unlock: :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting hours and no email. Purchased software and can’t get it. The support on envato is next to useless.


same here, warning email with further no action possible or a glue what to do. sucks