Help me choose the right product please!

Hello Everyone,

I’m in need of a lot of help right now I have been looking for a long time for the right product and still haven’t been able to find the right product. I’m looking for a Video Player that can stream now the concept I’m after is that I can put a couple videos on this player and it will stream them so me and my friends can watch them at the same time all from one url. I know there is a couple bad sites out there that stream seasons of things over and over and have hundreds of people watching but mine wouldn’t be copyright martial and it would only be a couple of us. ( Yes I know I could send them all the same videos and we all hit play at the same time but thats not the same as watching it together )

  1. What format does the videos have to be in to be streamed ? so If I have test.mp4 test1.mp4 test2.mp4 test3.mp4 and test5.mp4 how do I get them to start at test.mp4 and stream live up to test5.mp4.

  2. My hosting is very small and I don’t have my own machine so is it possible to host them on another machine or location/website and put them on the player?

  3. What player would I use?

  • We all will be watching from a pc.
  • We are in different parts of the world.
  • I have a small host package.
  • The coding language shouldn’t be a problem so if its a plugin for wordpress, joomla or a php script that should be fine and I will figure out how to get it installed.
  • One website example I can think of is arconaitv ( I wont put a link because I’m not sure what they stream and I don’t want to spread any copyrighted matrial ) but I’m sure you could search and find it.

You may be able to find a way or plugin to schedule videos start times butnweak hosting is not going to be a good idea and it still won’t solve the issue of the end caused internet connections.

Unless you can pre load it somehow then if one viewer has good internet and another doesn’t then the sync up is unlikely to work.

If I got another serve maybe a small vpn and put the files on it would I be able to do it that way? And if so how?

Unfortunately it’s not just about where you host it - if you literally want to watch in sync then it relies on all parties having sufficient connections

Yeah, we would all have a good connection to the server I have a couple gaming servers that I test on that I would probably test it out on.