Self Hosted Videos - Which Theme/Template to use?

Looking to create a website that has many videos available and that are are 100% self hosted on my server and not merely linked to YouTube, Vimeo or elsewhere for viewing. Not a fan of WordPress. Any suggested themes/templates?

Why not look on Codecanyon at video players in the format you want that is not WP e.g. Ultimate Video Player by FWDesign | CodeCanyon (there are hundreds) then just add that to whatever template or theme you want.

That way you get a much broader choice and the more complex video element should be better managed as a dedicated script or module.

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Charlie4282, I cannot thank you enough sir. I will check out CodeCanyon imediately.

Lot’s Of Thanks To You


Please check these 2 player which have many models already created:

  2. WordPress Slider Plugin Zoom In/Out Effect Fully Responsive Universal Video Player


Both are for Wordpress…I need HTML…
I will self-host all my videos and have a CONTACT US form send email directly to my POP email address without any 3rd party program…and nobody seems to have a template that touts both…wow,so surprising.