royality free music

May I can use royality free musics from another music sites in my item preview videos?

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No. Only from audiojungle or your creations.

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next queston:
How I can create my own music? :smiley:

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Yes, you can. As long as you have the proper license/permission to use the music.

Although, I would recommend using a song from AudioJungle.

Remember that you can use any preview from AudioJungle in your VideoHive previews. All previews are downloadable. All you need to do is provide a link to the AudioJungle song used in your item description. This will benefit both the AudioJungle author and yourself. Then your customers can purchase both your item and the music directly here from Envato.

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you right exactly. But most times users looking for cheaper items. Ae template with regular license 19$ + audiojungle music with regular license 19$ = 38$
If I can use royalty free music in my previews, then i will increase my selling chance :slight_smile:

I doubt that will affect your sales that much to be honest.

Remember that you can’t link to other marketplaces/websites in your item description. Hence, your customers won’t know where to get the music unless they message you.

So, It means I can use royalty free music in my previews, but Can’t show which non envato marketplace from this track. Right?
Lets ask it to @SpaceStockFootage ? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “royalty-free music”? You know music from Audiojungle is also royalty-free.

I mean, really free music, which ,you don’t wan’t to pay

Royalty-free does not mean free. It means free of royalties.

Yes you can, as long as you have the proper license to use it. Although, it’s really undermining the value of music and undercutting authors on AudioJungle.

He means music which is given away for free and is royalty free. There are sites that does this. Even for commercial use.

Yes, I was just pointing out at this common misconception which hurts us authors.

Say what??!! I can’t believe this is on here!! This is outrageous! Come on Envato, what the hell?!

Yup, understood and completely agree with this.

I removed this part of my post since it felt unnecessary to lead people in that direction.

You have four options…

  1. Don’t use any music in your preview video.

  2. Use a watermarked AudioJungle track in your preview, and link to the item page in your description

  3. Use a non-watermarked AudioJungle track in your preview, which you’ve purchased the license for, and not link to the item page in your description… although it would be ‘good-form’ to do so.

  4. Use any other track you want to, which you have permissions to use in your preview video (i.e. check it’s ok for commercial use)… and follow their rules with regards to crediting the author of the track. It’s a bit of a gray area with regards to linking to the track though. If it’s a purely text based credit, just using the authors name for example… that would probably be fine. If it’s a link based credit that directs to a competing website, that probably wouldn’t be fine. Anything in-between… you’ll find out if it’s ok when it gets reviewed!

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Although I think AJ authors should know Envato is giving us all the finger by linking to Incompetech. I can’t believe it…


" How I can create my own music? :smiley: "
It’s very simple! Any music instruments, IPhone 5 or higher, recorder app, Hawaii… Send me after recording I could help you with mix and mastering! :slight_smile: Or check it out my portfolio on audiojungle! Think about my music like about your music! :wink:

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