Right name?


Hey guys, I’m often unsure about the titles of my tracks, and I was really shaky about this particular one that has just been approved. I had no idea how to name it… I thought it would be a nice corporate hip hop track so I named it “working”. I’d love to have your feedback and suggestions . Thanks !

Edit : new name! http://audiojungle.net/item/cool-beat/12779016


Cool track HBP!

Sometimes I find naming to be the trickiest part.

I see nothing wrong with the name “Working.” Though I don’t necessarily think that it hits on the tracks primarily emotion. This track feels a little more “cool” and “fun” then a general “working” corporate vibe.

When naming, Will and I often find ourselves going by two rules of thumb:

-If there turned out to be a name that felt “natural” during creation, then often we stick to it. You can see that in our tracks like “Rock The Party” and “Bring Down The House.” They were simple phrases that we felt really complimented the emotions of the piece, and we embraced that.

-If nothing in particular comes to mind, it’s time to sit and figure out what the prime emotion might be for your track, and how the end user might want to search for that emotion. (This is where everyone names their track “Inspiration.” :wink:

If you can’t think of many emotions, look through some TAGS and see if any of those words bring ideas to mind. I recommend http://tagsgenerator.com. I believe this tool was created by an Envato User, and I use it all the time.

As another general tip, try pulling up some commercials or clips on YouTube, muting it, and putting your track in the back. This almost always results in seeing your music in a new, fresh light and helps inspire ideas.

Keep it coming HBP!


Thanks for your nice reply! Those are great advice, hope some people that have the same dilemma as me find out this thread hehe. Tags generator is awesome btw, I’ll use it a lot! Thanks again!


I’m glad I could help, HBP! I hope a few others who have this question find it as well. :smile:

Keep creating!


When everybody names their track Corporate , and you name it something unique , which do you think will stand out ? :smiley:


Good advice :smile: If i get stuck i use Vimeo for help. I think it sometimes helps with the whole visual thing :smile:


That really depends on what buyers are searching for of course.


I do wonder about the way the search engine works.when you look at that top selling songs, you usually find tracks with simple names like corporate or inspiration ,etc…


That’s my point really, if your searching for corporate music or inspiring…whats going to appear first? It’s a difficult descision to make if you want your track to be found.
That’s where the description and tags should come in, if they really count for much i’m not too sure but as it has been discussed many times…it doesn’t really make sense to have thousands of tracks with the same generic name, that just doesn’t help buyers imo.


I just got approved new track called Rock and it inspired by AC/DC .I think that it is right name for the track.
Am i right? I dont know…