Better Names or better sales?


As you know guys we need commercial and single tags in order to get sales, and to get exposure in the first page (Inspiring, inspiration, motivation, motivational, happy, corporate etc…) I know that this is a topic we talk about A LOT but finally we never take action. My question for you guys is :
What do you prefer, be original with the names or get more sales with the same tags? or do you think if you have an excellent track you can put it name you want and get lot of sales? Or get lost in the jungle with the thousands repetitive tags?
I have my own answer and is NO, if you have a beautiful track but the name is “a moment like this” mmmmm i don’t think is going to have great sales, unless you get featured with that track and some luck selling it the day that was approved.
I don’t know, is just my humble opinion, what do you think guys? am i wrong?

I love this community and i love making music here ! but always that i make new music, i always try to make new things with the production and musical part, but with the names … is a little bit hard to decide! Let me know what do you think…


Any new track will get lost in the jungle because 6-7,000 new tracks are added each month. Now, even if you name a track Inspiration it won’t show up on the first page of search results if you search for Inspiration. Just TODAY there are 30 new tracks named Inspiration or similar…


Well… If you have just submitted item, it will show him self at the main page. If it will get at least 1-2 sales, it gonna be at 1st page of search machine =) Your item got to be very good and have some luck to get a lot of sales :wink:


Thanks for your answer! Jeje, i know that, That’s the reason I wrote this! So what’s your solution? Be original with the names or try to be in the first page for a short moment and get some luck even if your track is good enough ?


Every man/woman must find his/her own solution. You will have to experiment. No one can just give you a recipe for success.

Out of 7,000 new tracks each month, I think at least a few should be yours. :smile:

Being a top author doesn’t last forever unless you continue to work like you did on your way up, as we have seen many times on this site.


Thanks for answer this!!! I have seen a lot of excellent tracks called inspiration, inspiring, happy etc etc etc, with no sales, because there are a lot of new tracks with the same tag so it is not enough to have a good track and good luck! What do you think about this? Don’t you think maybe there’s a solution for this?


Thanks again, I know we have to build our own path, but I really wanted to know other authors thoughts! Have a nice day :smile:


Yeah, maybe you don’t get sales by this technique at all…

It’s like making a lemonade and try to compete with Coca Cola…you’re going to lose! Make your own craft beer instead and you’ll get some decent sales.

So instead of making just another background music for motivation vids you could make a harp theme for fairy tales. If you’re good at this you’ll probably get some sales each months.

I’m rather new here on audiojungle but experienced in online marketing in general and I think it could work this way…


Hi RGStudios,

This good friend of mine took the time to write me about that matter in order to understand what’s happening right now with the search engine and the new “super tags” or “super names” I believe him because he is one of the first authors in AudioJungle that has gone through all the changes that this community has been, so for that reason i’m going to share that with you.

AudioJungle as a royalty free music seller have to improve the methods to announce the new tracks and the only way to do it is make the most search names, the firsts on the list, thats not new, we know that since Google appeared, so according with what he said, we have to change with them and explore this new way of advertising our music.

So in my opinion, keep making good music and if you feel the mood to put a cool name on it, then do it and make your own way to promote that track so maybe it could be one of the best sellers like “the moment of inspiration”, but at the end, the thing would be always that you make the best music you can, using or not single names or cool names, it’s all about your music, explore the ways and choose the better you like.


Hi RGStudios,

I don´t know you, but I´m here on audiojungle for make money :wink: So I prefer sales than original names. Sure, I really like to use original titles, but this is not an option for me in this moment, maybe when I have a name consolidate on Audiojungle or I can generate enough traffic from my external promotion to my portfolio this could be an option. For me is very simple, I want sales, and for for sales I need to appear on the search engine. That´s all.


There would be no magic if every item could get the top sales! :wink: if you got great music+popular title + good time for submission(Thursday or Wednesday for example) - you got all chances that your item will works!)


Hello guys,

I’m not in to selling audio, but when searching for audios, I use keywords that I’m about to use. Eg: when searching for a background music for my video, I’ll search for “video background music” or “playful background” so, its better to name / or add tags for the main category you are about to target.


I just grab a dictionary and randomly point to words . . . "cancatervate "? What?! Perhaps that is why my sales are lackluster.


Well,I’m new to selling music online,but I think that the best way to have sales is to make great music and title song’s with one or two keywords.
For example: Inspiring Piano,Corporate Motivation,Upbeat Life.
Or something like that.
But aslo there’s a lot of tracks called Inspire that have big sales.
So…You never know which strategy will work best :wink:


I think audiojungle should block title names likes “inspiration” “Motivation” and etc… , but keep them in tags. If you check the popular files section, most of the titles are called “inspiring” “motivate” “corporate” and etc… I think authors should put original title names, it’ll be much better and create great music:)


But it just won’t happen, because then you’ll have to re-title every single item using them.
As for me, I recently started to use original name + identification formula for new titles - 3 to 4 word titles work just fine.


I think the title “Bingo” would be a good choice.


I definitely side towards original titles, but that’s only because I grew up with bands like Fall Out Boy whose titles had very little to do with the actual song sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having said that, I can see that getting straight to the point in the title would be more beneficial than being original.


I suppose it is a bit like Bingo and playing with luck.


Haha, with Fallout Boys level of promotion and fame you could have a paragraph from a random book for a title and sell millions of copies anyway :wink: