Buzz words

I don’t know, if we already have a thread with buzz words. If yes, ignore it. If not, I would start with a few ones, which I read very often in song names (and sometimes I ask myself what the track has to do with this word).
Unfortunately I don’t know a customer of AJ and I’m really interested, how customers search for music on AJ. Are they really jumping on an endless list with song names like “Inspiring Piano Music”? If yes, what do they expect then? Which kind of inspiration will this song transport? Which purpose will this insiration fulfill?
And for what do we have tags and a description field? Do the customers read descriptions?
I really want to know, where I should put my efforts. Makes an imaginative song name sense or is it wasted time? Make detailed song descriptions sense, or they are also wasted time?
I’m curious, what you’re thinking about.



If I had to guess then yeah “Inspiring Piano Music” is probably a popular search term. I think the reason for this is that most people have the idea of the style of music they need for their project, and that’s what they end up searching for. So you end up with terms like Uplifting, Motivational, Emotional being very popular search terms.

Imaginative song names seem to me to be less likely to show up in search results just because if you call your song “Flower of Life” or something like that, it might be a great name that perfectly fits the song but no one is going to type that into a search bar.

I don’t really know about the relevance of tags and description keywords vs. the title… but it seems like whatever you type in the search bar, all the top results are tracks that have the exact search terms in the title.


Hello Daydreamz-Studios.
Maybe I can contribute something to this thread based on my short experience here.
Of course I think that the musical quality of the tracks is the most important part to sell here but I think that all market strategies must be taken into account and for me, naming the item is one of the most important.
I have observed that in any category where tens of thousands of articles appear in audiojungle, if you put the words of my titles in the search engine, my article appears among the first.
So I make an effort to put myself in the customer’s shoes and think. What would I write here?
So summarizing, I try to find three or four words that define my article according to the following concepts.
1 Style.
2 Instrumentation.
3 Emotion.
4 Scene.
This is how I do it and I think it helps customers find the item they are looking for.


Description does matter and it’s where AJ pulls a lot of key terms from, tags make a difference but not a huge one in my experience. Title definitely seems to be the most important though and making sure you stand out in your category/niche is really important to make sure you show up in search results.


Thank you guys for sharing you opinions. I was reading the AJ guide for item naming again and noticed, that I was completely wrong until now. The guide provides exactly what you wrote. I’ve no idea why I was so misleaded on this topic. I’ll go thru my items now and rename them if it makes sense.
Glad, that I was asking for this detail and many thanks to you for the clearance.