Hip-hop is hip-hop for hip-hop in hip-hop

Are you kidding me? That’s how you gonna name your tracks now?
Why this even allowed by reviewers?
Envato staff, do you even care how the marketplace looks?
Authors, don’t you think it’s ridiculous? Even elite authors name their items like that…


…some kind of madness…


I said a hip hop
the hippie, the hippie to the
hip hip hop and you don’t stop


Oh, it IS ridiculous. But as long as the search algorithms reward such things, people are going to do it.

The artist in me hates it, but the businessman in me says, “if it works… then that’s what you do”

I can’t hate the player, but I do hate the game.


In case someone doubt it…hip hop is hip hop! Why this naming is alowed, I don’t know, it’s absurd and unprofessional and it looks sooo bad for the market appearance! What I’d like to know is the buyer’s perspective on this and the Envato’s staff


Yeah I got sort of banned (actually Envato revoked my upload rights) for adding tags on my titles. Like “Sharp Light (inspirational electronic happy)”

But this is just crazy the crazy for the crazy in crazy, and it’s allowed with no issue.

Literally no way to success here without looking unprofessional.Fortunately I’m not exclusive here and would never be.

“- No, actually my track Hip Hop is Hip Hop for the Hip Hop got placed in a travel show. Ahh nice, I thought it was Hip Hop for Hip Hop to Hip Hop”


Yeah, I understand you. And I think it’s not the end of the madness yet. Authors will always keep looking for a way to cheat the search engine.


This has really gone way too far, and it will get worse. But people don’t know how to name their new tracks anymore, especially if they produce a lot of the same genre. How to call hip hop track number 150 in the same portfolio? (If they want to be found by customers). We’ve been talking about this problem (search engine vs titles) for years and no one from Envato took this seriously and try to solve it. And this mess is the result. Very cheap, unprofessional and messy. And I don’t blame these authors, they are just trying the best they can to survive and be found in this messy place. Envato, when will you stop forcing authors to do these kind of things?

And don’t say that it’s impossible for search engine to sort million tracks in some normal way other than just by title. Google has billions of results for many keywords, and yet we always get the best results on the first page, without such crazy titles. There are so many factors to include besides just title of the song. What about tags & description, category, subcategory and many other things for SE to figure out that this track is indeed in hip hop genre? It’s possible.

Another much simpler idea is using main and alternative titles. So you will see “Street life” in search results as the main title of the song and the alternative title could be something descriptive like"Cool Funky Hip-Hop" for search engine to know what kind of a song is this. Big main title which is ignored by search engine, just for things to look normal and professional for customers and then alternative descriptive title with small font under that for search engine and also for customers to know what kind of track is that. And limit this alternative title to 3-4 words max!!! We also have description and tags which will show more details about the track to SE. They are completely useless now :slight_smile:


My personal favorite: “Hip Hop is Hip Hop for Hip Hop?”
You could say a lot about all this, but no one is listening anyway…Everything has already been said, countless times…There are absolutely no standards when it comes to reviewers. Many are doing a great job, others clearly don’t, and the proof is in the pudding…I’ll never understand why they don’t employ professionals instead of authors. There’s a huge conflict of interests anyway…in pretty much every other business this would be illegal or at least in a moral grey area, at least here in Germany.
Ridiculous is ridiculous and the ridiculous ridiculous is…
An 8 year-old could fix the search in less than a day, at least with workarounds that have been suggested in other topics, but well…


Because they:

A. Would be too expensive.
B. Would not want to waste time reviewing mostly crappy tracks.

Reviewing is a pretty mind-numbing job, and what music professional who has other, creative things, going on, would want to do that?

Maybe 10, but yeah.

The quick fix would be to remove the reward for repeated words. It’s extremely simple.

But they probably bought the search engine from somewhere, or the people who wrote it don’t work there anymore.


A) is the obvious reason, but according to the official reports that would not be an issue at all…quite the opposite…

I certainly agree with what you said, but I don’t think (working) creatives should do it.

Musicologists for example should (or musicology students in higher semesters if price really would be an issue…). Would immediately solve all the plagiarism issues too… Besides in composition I also have a degree in musicology and I can tell you I would have been happy about a job like this while studying if I wouldn’t have worked as a composer too.

You might be right about them probably having bought the search engine, good point…

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Yeah, if only they knew (or knew where to find) someone who could write code. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:

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Hip Hop for life

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I totally support you!

You can check this thread with a solution to this very problem and share your thoughts about it. Or suggest your own:


Yes, this is exactly the thing I also talked about. Fully support the idea, I only disagree with 7 descriptive words. 4-5 words limit is more than enough to describe any track to search engine


You could be right! These details definitely can be evaluated and changed during the discussion in the thread :blush:


I’m afraid if we had option to insert 7 or more descriptive words for search engine people will abuse it the same way they do now:

“Inspiring Inspiration to Inspire Inspirational Inspiration that Inspires my Inspiration”
:smile: :smile: :smile:

3 or 4 words are more than enough to describe a track to search engine, for example: “Upbeat Funky Hip-Hop”

But yes, you are absolutely right about using two titles, this is the ultimate solution to solve this mess quickly and easily and I fully support your idea. :wink:


My Inspiration Is My Inspiration & Your Inspiration is Your Inspiration! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Soon it gonna be : Please buy my song is Please buy my song of inspiration corporate is inspiration corporate