Reviewer Unable To Install PHP Script - Please provide solution!!!!!

So its been more then 20 days I am trying to submit my script but reviewer having trouble with my script file. its my first time and I am trying to follow up every guideline and forum answers to having a successful upload and review done. But I received this soft rejection twice.

1. Unable to proceed with install due to:

In the screenshot, reviewer getting redirected to this page as there’s a CSRF token check on existing browser sessions. When this token gets changed or removed or doesn’t exist on next page visit then this error comes up.

This is where it triggers when PHP session token not found:

I have tested this script in several browsers and it do get install if not blocking sessions/cookies.

  1. How do I let know my reviewer to enable cookies and not having it disabled, and allow session token to gets created?

  2. Should I skip this restriction from my script so the reviewer can do install without session token?

  3. Is there any better method to not removing this but having him successfully install so he can do the test? Because the whole script requires sessions and cookies to work, even for login.

Please help me if anybody can.
This is my first script in this marketplace and I am trying to learn whats the problem.

Which framework do you used to develop this application.

No Framework. Custom coding.

By Increasing token regeneration time may get solved! Try secure way.
Best wishes

Not sure why he would be running into issues there, but you should definitely add a “continue anyway” or “skip” button to the installer for that step. Change the text from red to orange, and clearly label it a “warning”.

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Sorry, I don’t think it will work as its done already.

Thank you Baileyherbert,

I am neither having an idea of why he is facing this issue if not blocking session generation and preventing accepting cookies in the browser. Because it doesn’t show if they allow browser default settings.

I will try your saying idea. I was planning to remove this check as script already validates forms input from XSS. I will inform back if there’s any result from this change.

Now, I am afraid that they will keep testing my old files. because I have wasted 1 week with that, they were testing an old uploaded file of mine with no documentation and always has been asking for it even though I had uploaded the latest and correct version of script multiple times.

Yeah, that’s pretty strange.

If you keep running into issues like that with the reviewer, you can try opening a Help ticket. They should be able to assign the ticket to the reviewer so he can answer it directly.

Thanks for informing, I didn’t know that. I will try submit the changes and see how it goes,

If still fails then I will try the support ticket option or either sell the script directly on my site product page.