A Soft Reject PHP and Reviewer Having Trouble To Install?


I am here to seek for suggestions on what should I do so reviewer can install my submitted script?. I have no doubt that they are well experienced and have been in industries for very long time. But I am new at Envato and I need to know how this thing work and make my script to work on their side so it gets approved with a successful review.

I have made a PHP script with documentation and everything, including demo. There were 2 to 3 soft reject and documentation was not included errors even though I clearly remember adding them. But I still resubmitted.

Now reviewer giving me this screenshot as you can see his PHP session cookie is disabled. That error only shows if it’s off. I have written a guideline on how to resolve that in my documentation and also mentioned it within the message to him and also wrote possible solutions in HTML tags, how to enable PHP session cookie. But from the screen, I see reviewer showing me that he was not able to see the possible solution notes?

I wonder what could be the cause of this as both of these errors related and suggestion HTML elements within one elseif condition like this:

As you can see he has triggered the action 6 and was able to see the first block of warning. But I wonder why the second h2 and DIV didn’t show up on his end?

Now, if someone can suggest me how I can overcome this by debugging on my side, that would be great. Because I can see it. I tried both in localhost and on live server. But I need to know how I can get the issue replicated so I can see why this happening.

Thank you,

Any help please?

Not sure if this helps but from past experience I know that by having wrong php version selected can cause issues

Also some hosts like free hosts don’t have everything installed and enabled

So first I would ask this questions

  1. What host are you using
  2. Which php version are you using

Once you get reply they and see if it matches yours because lets he fair if it’s working for you on local host and on live host there is no reason why it’s not working for them.

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Its working fine on my side. I have checked on localhost, live host, and even on my own virtual server. Working fine everywhere. Yes, I did tested with different php version from 5.3 to 7.2.
But it was not working on their side. Well this issue is now past.

But going through another major problem which is. Even after uploading update changes and documentation, Reviewer was still asking for documentation and somehow they were seeing my very first uploaded version which did not has any documentation. So I provided them online version. But not sure why they are not receiving my latest updated version? I tried like uploading more then 6 times. Still they receive old version with no doc. Yes, I deleted old copy from submission form and then reuploaded the new files. No luck. Lets see what happens, I sent with online documentation now as they requested.