Hard rejection continuously .

Hello , I am facing the issue with hard rejection via code canyon . I uploaded my item there and they reject my script again and again , even I don’t know the exact reason because they don’t give the suggestion during hard rejection . My item rejected 9 times continuously. I am totally frustrated , why they are rejecting my script ?

Hi @varun01,
I am not reviewer, i am just a author.
I found the some of the points, please check:

  1. Home page taking too much time to load, i think so.
  2. In home page why you showing Licence ? i didn’t understand. Because you selling complete source.
  3. while saving user. Msg showing User saving disable. (It should not be) It must allow to save users. The reason is envato test the your complete application.
  4. Almost features are disabled by you. How can reviewer test your application.

Try your best, Hope my openion will help you.
Thank you


Hi @webmagics thanks for your response . I will keep in mind your suggestion but I have some little doubt I hope you will short out if you don’t mind .

1.) In your previous text you said , " Review team how to test your application if all function is disable from my side " . I just wanna know uploaded file approval on CodeCanyon also depend on preview link of application whatever I provide there ?? Why I am asking this question because all updation has been done on uploaded file not a preview demo link . That preview file is as it is from the beginning . So , my question is I follow all the instruction given by CodeCanyon on there article like Uploaded file quality , Assets structure , Well commented Code , Image quality , Well explained document etc. So, they don’t review my file or they directly approve my Apps based on preview link ?? Please short out this doubt . Thanks in advance

Yes, you right.
As i thought preview is in first priority testing, if that preview works fine then your uploaded item will manually tested by reviewer including installation process. Please check already available Codecanyon items quality and their working process. Almost applications are open to enter data. And didn’t understand why all the features are disabled by you.
Your Item must be restricted from XSS attacks.

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Thanks @webmagics I really appreciate your nice suggestion . I will keep in mind these all valuable tips .

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All the best.