I lost patience with reviewer! Is here someone from Envato management?

Hi, I lost all my patience with the reviewer of my last app/script.

I spent 4 months with him because ho can’t test script. Until I realize that he is using Laravel Valet for testing non-laravel script. Laravel Valet is specially designed for Laravel and only few others frameworks, otherwise it needs driver.

This guy cost me 4 month with debugging and finding where is the problem, because all other test on 6 linux and windows LAMP/WAMP servers works perfectly!!

So, after I realize he is using Laravel Valet I point him to standard MAMP. He still did not able to test the script - he forced me to rewrite the manual several times, but he never follow him! I always had to check what he missed after all his rejects. He did not set database credentials several times and post me soft reject. What the hell this is??

After all that we finally came to an end, he was able to test it and it works! Surprise!

Right now, he rejected application because there is “older jQuery” - sure, admin side uses admin template that uses Boostrap 3.3.7, so you can’t upgrade jQuery to 3.5! His few months old submission on CodeCanyon relies on jQuery 1.12.4. What the hell?? And he reject me? Lot of other application on CC does not uses latest libraries. And there is lot of other “requirements” from him.


So… are you serious that this is your review process and you want to put your reputation to his hands??

I want the “normal” reviewer, I lost all my patience.

Here is the working demo version of script:

Username: admin@admin.com
Pass: admin

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Reviews can be very, very frustrating, but in the end, it is for your own good as it makes your items better. You are not the first, nor last one going through something similar.

If you want my advice as a fellow author, take a little break, then come back and fix all those issues.

You can’t choose your reviewer, so it’s not like you have any other option (apart from quitting of course).

I know what I do. I did not used Laravel Valet for purposes it not intended for. I had lot of breaks, but right now this is not normal. His “requirements” is not mandatory requirements! He wants what he himself does not fulfill. Otherwise we all be works only with Laravel.

After a few days I watched a team of special writers and envato moderators, many of whom were not in line or walked in conveying an opinion or various complaints and so on.

Including myself, experiencing the same thing, my complaints did not get a good response. The complaints should be resolved properly if there is something less than optimal about an application or other applications. It is precisely with the help of this forum that it cannot help a single one, but instead lets it go. very unfortunate and very lousy. Hopefully the author, especially for the manager and moderator of the envato forum, has his eyes OPENED YOUR EYES AND AN OPEN HEART!!!

I’ve been here for almost ten years, very active on both marketplace and forums and one thing I’ve learned is that ranting on the forums about the unfair review process never leads anywhere. I’ve seen maybe hundreds of threads like this one. So I am giving you a genuine advice.
If you want to get your items approved, then you should focus on making it better and fix all the issues pointed out by reviewer, instead of wasting time complaining about it. You may not think it is fair, but there are thousands of people who passed reviews and made some money here, so it obviously works. I mean nobody is forcing you to submit anything here. It is certainly a privilege and a big achievement to have an item on this marketplace and it can’t be done without enough dedication.

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Sure, I contacted Envato directly.

By the way - not all “issues” can by “fixed”, because if used library is not upgraded, then I can’t upgrade it. So, if I buy something from CodeCanyon, I can’t use it because author stop updating it? This is bullshits far away from reality.

I am here for 11 year and I know that there is lot of “normal” reviewers and then some egomaniacs. Nothing new.

So, I deleted all my scripts including new “Doodle clone” script. I do not agree with some practices here, double standards, no publicly published binding standards and requirements before upload and zero staff feedback. I had more problems with some reviewers than with any users, including misused tools and failure to follow the manual on their side. This is not a good author’s environment. Maybe later with something else.