Reviewer could not setup submitted codebase

We have submitted a php script based on the Yii2 framework in codecanyon.

But when the reviewer set up our submitted codebase, it’s shown a “Not Found” message only. But we check & set up our submitted files in multiple servers where it works perfectly.

Could you please help me that what should be our next step to resolve this type of issue?

Screenshots provided by the reviewer.


It’s probably the framework issue but if the reviewer couldn’t set-up as default, the buyers may have the same issue. You need to check configuration/server requirements and update the documentation as well as if it requires additional extensions on the PHP side.

Test your item on localhost.

We test the full codebase from & run local & multiple live servers. But could not find any issue from our end.

We inform the reviewer & want some screenshots. They provide the screenshots & hard reject the project.

Could you tell me if is there any other way to communicate with them? Like any video call or online so that we can discuss what issue it could be?

Create a ticket