Having a hard time getting an item approved

Hi community,
We recently developed a software using Laravel and tried to submit to CodeCanyon. In past, we got approval on products. Now for the last 3 days, our item is continually getting rejected and the reason is for complex documentation. As Laravel code resides out of public directory, the user needs to set public directory as the document root that’s a little tricky. But we have explained the steps in depth.

Now for example, here are the steps that we have wrote to create a database:

The review team asks us to explain the steps to create the database, but we are confused how to make these steps more simple? Here is the message from the reviewer:

This isn’t enough to explain how to setup a database: https://envato.d.pr/q8ISqv

Can anyone please let us know either these instructions are insufficient? We believe that if a user doesn’t understand the steps we have explained for database setup, then they must be unfamiliar with even what is a web server and they should not be buying a software. The review team seems to be wannabe to me. They are behaving unprofessionally. Should we give up on this and stop using CodeCanyon? We dreamed big and we established a company to develop advance products using Laravel framework and sell on CodeCanyon, but we are having hard time getting our first item approved. Please help. If you (the community) finds the database setup instructions complex, please let us know. And here is the URL for our product’s documentation:


This documentation is included with the product. And below is the screenshot of the email from the latest review response:

Lastly, we are offering full support and even we will be helping the users to get the software installed. Now please community, you decide either our documentation is really bad or the review team is going harsh with us?