Errors appear with reviewer only and do not appear with me!!

Hi everyone,

25 days ago I uploaded a content management system to CodeCanyon
The reviewer initially found a problem with the hosting, as it did not work with him
Although it was working fine for me but I changed it three times

Then a message (XSS) appeared with him and it did not appear with me

Then he found a problem that the documentation file is not working even though it is just html file

Then now there are problems with the installation of the template
Where it appears that the resources are not available (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404)
But I checked the files very well and I tried more than one server, but I never faced this problem and I do not know what is the solution to this problem, which I do not find until I solve it
Photo from the reviewer :
Picture from my device:

where’s the thing?!

Looking at the 2 images, you seemed to have only checked local files (localhost) so no you don’t get errors. But clearly there are errors when this is running on a web server - it looks like you are not referencing the files correctly. Where is the URL you have uploaded this script to?

Of course I checked it,

Here is the demo link:
This link contains the same files that you sent to the reviewer without deleting or modifying anything.
The only error that will appear is that the favicon does not exist because I deleted it recently.

I cannot find any errors apart from what you said about the missing favicon. I think the website looks great by the way - the console recorded the following checks:

As you can see, the template works fine
The three errors that appeared are specific to the main domain because it is empty and does not contain any pages.
But the situation remains as it is
And I don’t know how he tries to install the template until I know what caused the problem
But I will give him one last try.