Results of Changed Search


Why the changes of search didn’t concern some of keywords? A lot of old tracks lifted up in search, but the EPIC keyword finds as usual.
The most part of old authors benefit from this changes, but my most popular tracks were with EPIC keyword and now dropped down a lot in sales. I had 320 sales in November, but now I have 170-200 sales per month after significant efforts. .
I think that’s not fair, it should be changed for all the items, or get back initial search algorithm which equaled all the authors…


Search cannot, and will never, be fair when there are hundreds of thousands of items to choose between. Do you think it’s fair that your tracks have come up before everyone else’s before this? Of course you do, you got the sales. Everyone who doesn’t get sales thinks it’s “unfair”.


Actually, KingLeo was simply observing the lack of consistency of the search system at the moment. I’d be careful in jumping to conclusions before understanding what he’s trying to say.

‘Happy’ and ‘Epic’ are two of the most popular search terms, and they are currently operating in a polar opposite way (over-bias towards new items) to the rest of the search terms (over-bias towards top sellers; see Inspiring, Corporate, Upbeat etc).

At this point, it’s not really about ‘what’s fair’, it’s just an author advocating for some consistency in the system.


Yes, I know what he’s trying to say. Sorry if I was harsh, but it’s beginning to sound like a broken record… We know, the Envato team knows, everyone knows - if they want to change it they will. If not, they won’t.

Do you think Google search is fair? No, it isn’t. But you try to adapt to every change and it’s a game that never stops. A few will win, most will lose. Always, always, always.


Yep, you’re right. That’s in essence why I’ve given up trying to advocate for a more balanced search engine. I think Envato has made it more than clear at this stage that this new system is here to stay.

Now it’s up to authors to try and make the best of it, or invest their time elsewhere.


I have 134 items in my portfolio and only 2 items of them at the top of search, the rest part of portfolio just dropped down. I lost my sales not less than other AJ authors and for 4 years of hard work I exactly know what is “fair” or “unfair” in this system. Therefore I told that the search should be equal for each keywords, or get back the old algorithm.


2 of them? Man, you lucky. Only 1 of my item now in top search. And beleive me, it was way better before introduction of new search.


Yeah, but what’s wrong with a broken record? Yeah, but what’s wrong with a broken record? Yeah, but… :sunglasses: