Search Algorithm Issue

Does any Elite Authors been suffered from New Search Algorithm which was applied since december 2015?
I am just curious if this problem affected even Elite.

Unfortunately, yes :frowning:

I can’t help thinking there must be some winners. If the new SE has led to a fall in sales across the board for all authors that’s very much not in Envato’s interests. Of course, there may be other factors not SE related causing an overall fall in sales. I also get the impression that there has been a large increase in the number of authors and uploaded tracks over the past year or so which could have taken things to a tipping point where sales are just being shared more widely across more authors even if the overall volume is being maintained.


There are definetely winners. They just keep stumm, and unlucky authors moan.

While states that there is a drastic decline in siteviews, others sites show steady numbers. So I assume the sales just shifted.


So you suppose that in ANY CASES this marketplace will not lose their income, right?
Now this income just coming through other (more lucky) channels and that’s it, right?
With new algorithm the “Sun” just become illuminate different sides?

I don’t know, that’s why this situation is so troublesome. Will the search engine finally improve? Is google or other competing stock sites a problem? The only thing I can clearly say about this situation, is that beeing an Author (even Elite) on Audiojungle can be unpredictable.

It would be easier if Envato would communicate with us. Seems like they pulled their staff from the forum.


I think this was the main goal for starting this treat here.
Do Elite Authors have consistent and assured income after becoming ELITE or it still unpredictable as from beginning?

It’s unpredictable, especially if you don’t have more than 100 items in your portfolio spread out over different areas. It’s still important to keep on creating new stuff. Old items than never took off will always have a very slim chance at being rediscovered. I have 400+ items and for me it’s been quite stable overall. Since December I’ve had more sales on some items, less on others. Overall it’s a gain of about 20% but a lot of it comes from new items and sound packs that aren’t really affected. Becoming Elite was nice but I highly doubt it’s a free ticket to high search rankings and sales.

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Even with current search algorithm when your item disappear on second day after approval?

Well, all search terms / titles are not equally crowded. I generally try to stay out of the inspiration / epic game.


My main gripe at the moment is that some of the ‘dinosaur’ items (old top sellers) aren’t even selling, yet they continue to hold the coveted top spots in the search because of their massive sales figure, removing any possibility of that position being challenged by a new item. How is that fair?


oh yes. Almost all my portfolio (200 items) build with “inspirational” words in titles. I wish to call everything “Inspiring” or “Inspiration” but i couldn’t.