Search Engine changes on AJ

Has anyone heard or read any official announcement concerning the recent changes in search engine on the site? A lot of our items have shifted dramatically in results (some up, some down) and I gather it’s the same for a lot of other people.

Especially for accounts where external traffic is negligible, there are various considerations including: 1) Is this a permanent switch-up? 2) How now is search engine ranking decided? 3) What does this mean for authors in general, as well as for the experience of buyers?

For example, if you’ve just joined the site, the chance to get a track titled ‘Inspiration’ much higher in search results is obviously beneficial in the short term. But if there’s no way of getting it to ‘stick’ in results at all (even if it sells well) and your track is constantly being shuffled backwards, it would mean that the only way to continue earning anything significant from this site (assuming external traffic is negligible) is to keep making new tracks in this vein, each getting a handful of sales. Considering that the income one gets from a handful of sales is negligible (even a low one-off fee for producing a bespoke corporate track direct for a client is over $150), this arguably takes much of the motivation out of producing royalty-free music- the possibility of large scale, long term residual income.

Any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance.

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They have never gone out with that information, and neither should they for obvious reasons. It’s up to you to find out and the moment someone shares their findings they shoot themselves in the foot… It’s always been a mystery to me why anyone would want to share this information, even if it’s a friendly community. This information is only valuable when few people know it - the moment it becomes common knowledge it becomes worthless (for you) until algorithms change.

I would sum up the changes like this:

Chances of selling new items a lot have now gone from “very small” to “small”, and older top sellers are ranked lower than before.

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I do not know is it linked with changes or not, but my sales these days are completely stopped.


Thanks for the reply. I broadly agree with you about information concerning search engine ranking as well as general professional discretion, which is why I put it in the category of a ‘consideration’ for us all to reflect on- perhaps privately- rather than a direct question to other composers.

The point was more that although on a short term basis new tracks may now stand a better chance of getting a few more sales, what can possibly replace the simple ‘sales over time’ equation (or whatever similar thing was being used to determine search ranking) as a solid way of ensuring that the library as a whole is putting its best foot forward in every category? For a company operating on this scale, manual curation of search results is pretty much impossible and there’s no automatic way to determine how ‘inspiring’ a track called ‘inspiring’ sounds! Or how good the mix, composition etc is.

If it’s now a case of the most recent tracks being top, there’s no way of ensuring that these are the most appropriate for their category. After all, everyone loses out if buyers can’t quickly and conveniently find what they’re looking for and end up going somewhere else entirely.

Admittedly though I did ask for ‘further information’ at the end of my original post! Apologies for this; I’ve edited that original question out based on your feedback!

SAME HERE, hope this change!

Also 100% stopped for a full week for me. Admittedly I’m still reasonably new, though I’d become accustomed to selling a song or so per day. I was kind of enjoying it :slight_smile:

The same around here, I was to reach 100 sales faster, but suddenly everything stopped