change search engine?


Hi guys,

anyone know if the search engine change? I have noticed a dramatic drop in sales and gives me the feeling that something changed, I can not say empirically, but I am one of those who use non-generic names in the items, and I am very concerned from 1 or 2 weeks ago not work well for me, my songs have far fewer visitors than before, and I suspect it has to do with it, comment your experiences



Same thing here, but i really can’t tell too…


I had a poor week for sales a couple of weeks ago but then last week picked up a lot and I managed to bag around 10 sales making it my best so far! I don’t know why one week was pretty much zero in sales and then the next week was my best, it almost felt like all my sales for the past fortnight only registered last week, but I think you get random trends of sales at certain times. Who knows but hang in there, I’m sure it will pick up soon!


Sama here. Dramatiic drop!


Hey guys thank you all for writing, I changed some titles, I will tell whether this had any influence on sales, only add to the original titles some keywords for search I hope it works :slight_smile:


So, finally it hat good influence on sales? What you change on your titles?


hey mate!
when I change names sell a bit more, recent put a new song with named corporate and capture a lot of view, and get in the first page when type in search bar “corporate”, so is a good thing, but not acquire good sales


what I mean is that definitely the engine change, and so at least I do not use conventional names I was affected sales