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I opened the topic of this discussion to ask about resubmission, so, I have sent some of my work to Envato and got rejected several times, in the notification, rejected items are prohibited from being resubmitted. my question is whether it means not allowed to be resubmitted in the same category or all categories? And if it’s only in the same category I’m prohibited from resending the rejected item, can I resend in another category? For example, if a logo item I sent is rejected and says it can’t be resubmitted, can I send it back in the vector category?

Typically it can’t be resubmitted to any of the Envato Marketplaces or any of the categories. That is what I would go by, however, I suppose there are cases where a submission to the logo category may not be good as a logo, but rather as an illustration. I’m not sure if you can resubmit in that case, but I would assume no. If there is potential for an item on the marketplace the reviewer will usually tell you, at least in my experience.

thank you for responding to my topic So the conclusion is that once an item sent is rejected, you can’t do anything anymore unless it’s sold on another site, ok, I understand now. thank you for sharing the experience, it was very helpful :slight_smile:

hi no a hard rejected item is not supposed to be resubmitted as such though u can potentially submit them again if u have brought “significant changes” enough , in other words, the thing must be definitely changed a good deal so that u can submit again and be free from potential problems (temporary uploading restrictions)

Thank you for your respond mate, its help me so much

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u are welcome u can check the solution box :slight_smile:

… good luck