About Hard Rejected Works

Hi everybody, my photoshop action project was hard rejected. if i revise the project, is it reviewed? Or is it reject without review because it has same name?

hi pls show your item

The light preset is not so realistic. Probably this is the reason for your rejection. Search for 3-Point Lighting setup and you need to recreate the rim, fill and key lights more accurate. Now looks like you paint over the subject.

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ok, thanks for your comment. but if I revise this item, I wonder will it be reviewed

If the item was hard rejected once you are now allowed to resubmit it for review unless you did significant changes. If you violate this rule you can loose your upload rights.

Can I Resubmit A Hard Rejected Item?

  • If your item has been Hard Rejected , you cannot re-submit the item.
  • Attempting to resubmit your rejected item(s) is considered an unacceptable use of Envato Market and may result in revoked upload rights .
  • You must create a brand new item and ensure it is entirely distinguishable from your rejected item.

ok, i understand. but is there any problem if i use the same items name?

No, I don’t think so. You can use the same name.

ok, thanks for your relevance

hi sorry to say it just like i think bit this is both not realistic and most importantly again, the result is not this harmonious if u ask me according to the previews u are using

thanks but my question that if i revise item of hard rejected and submit it, will it be reviewed?