Resubmission & Review

(Didn’t receive any feedback on my first thread, I hope this time…)
Could someone explain these pointers for me in a more descriptive and informative way?

Item Resubmission

  • Title and Tags
    When I resubmitted my soft rejected template I noticed that I wasn’t able to change anything on “ITEM & TAGS” I changed my item title from Theme => Template and added more tags, but nothing changed, why is it?


  • Copyright Violation
    I added credits to what I am using on my item description e.g. Images are from Pixabay and fonts from Google fonts etc etc, can someone point out what I am violating? Is there a proper way to do credits and putting their respective licenses?

  • Needs Optimization
    Since it is a magazine template it is given that it will load from 1-5s or even more, still tools such as pingdom gives me <1s loading time. Could you help me out on figuring why I received this review? Is pingdom not reliable?

  • Download ZIP only contains docs
    What does this mean? This is my first time submitting a template here on envato, on the first review I got “Package doesn’t contain the template files.” Please explain this. I followed the upload instructions and read it over and over again, carefully.

I added the help file, main template, an ‘assets’ folder (which contains images used on the help file) and other online help links to the main Zip file, what did I miss?

Please help.

Happened to me already. They are having a bug in item updates. I contacted support too, but no reply yet.